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APIRETAL v APIAL: evidence of reputation does not last forever

This case serves as a reminder that the reputation of an earlier trademark must be established as at the filing date of the application for the contested mark.

28 March 2022

NFTs: a new tool for promoting pharmaceutical brands or a legal minefield?

In this co-published analysis, Sunstein’s Lisa M Tittemore and Natalie A Salas dive into the metaverse and explore what NFTs could mean for pharmaceutical brands.

25 March 2022

WTR Brand Elite analysis: February 2022

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite tumbled nine points in the month ending 28 February, hitting its lowest level in a year.

22 March 2022

Consumer perception of trademarks on fast-moving consumer goods: weight of visual impression overcomes high degree of phonetic similarity

As the goods were ordinary consumer products commonly purchased in supermarkets or establishments where goods are arranged on shelves, consumers would be guided by the visual impact of the mark they were looking for.

15 March 2022

Why pharmaceutical brands should care about the Trademark Modernisation Act of 2020

The Trademark Modernisation Act opened the door for individuals and business to use new methods to clear away unused registered trademarks from the federal register, as well as expedite the registration process.

11 March 2022

AVIV v AVIVE: High Court rejects expanded approach to whether goods can be considered complementary

Goods or services should have a similar nature, method of use and purpose; an overlapping user base will be insufficient to establish complementarity.

10 March 2022

USPTO issues Ukraine statement; CVS heads to the metaverse; UK and Swiss IPO cooperation – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Netflix acquiring a second games developer, Ford using the Model E name after a Tesla trademark fight, and much more.

08 March 2022

How Brexit and covid-19 disruptions contributed to an increase in product recalls across Europe

Brexit and the covid-19 pandemic created significant disruptions in both the EU and UK markets last year. With that in mind, new research has signposted a number of product safety and brand reputation risks that companies operating in Europe should prepare for now.

03 March 2022

US recalls top 1 billion in 2021, brands warned to be ready for more oversight

More than 1 billion units of food, drugs, medical devices, automobiles and consumer products were recalled in the United States last year, according to the 2021 US State of the Nation Recall Index by business solutions company Sedgwick.

03 March 2022

Inside the Brand Finance Global 500:  the 2021 winners and losers, and the outlook for 2022

As brands emerge into the post-pandemic world, Brand Finance’s David Haigh provides a high-level view on a historic year and an informed perspective with which to confront an unpredictable future global landscape

03 March 2022

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