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Energy brands rise in 2022, as tech and media stumbles: WTR Brand Elite analysis

Stock prices had a largely negative December, closing out a rocky year on the stock markets. Our WTR Brand Elite indices fell five points on the month, and 25 points across 2022.

16 January 2023

Belarus: an autumn rich in unfair competition cases

In two recent unfair competition disputes in Belarus, the anti-monopoly authority has reached contrasting decisions.

13 January 2023

Court of Appeal makes key ruling on trademark acquiescence in the UK

The judgment provides clarity as to what actions may be relied on to counter the defence of acquiescence.

11 January 2023

Lula administration clears out Brazil IP office leadership, restores pre-Bolsonaro ministry

Amid turmoil in Brazil over the past week, top officials have been swept out of INPI, but local experts expect IP progress to continue.

10 January 2023

Clearer guidance on parallel imports of medicinal products

The CJEU’s decision in this case - together with the other decisions issued on 17 November 2022 - provides important guidance for trademark owners and parallel importers in the pharmaceutical industry.

10 January 2023

Fashion brands flourish as stock markets rebound: WTR Brand Elite analysis

Featured in Stock market performance

It was an especially good month for fashion and luxury, and apparel and footwear brands – with Hermès International’s holding company the biggest winner on the stock markets.

06 January 2023

Counterfeit hotspots that you must be aware of in Canada

Featured in Physical marketplace counterfeit hotspots

A local IP expert updates us on the locations in the Great White North that rights holders should have on their enforcement radar.

04 January 2023

Novartis succeeds via UKIPO’s critique of VESIQUE

This case shows that it is reasonable for a party to doubt the merits of a preliminary indication issued by the UKIPO when it is not in its favour.

04 January 2023

Hotel services, well-known marks, targeting and more: the five most-read Legal Updates of the year

Analysis of an EU decision on genuine use came top of our list of most-read Legal Updates in 2022.

26 December 2022

CJEU considers exhaustion of trademark rights in medicinal products field

In a landmark decision, the CJEU has held that repackaging in new packaging and relabelling medicinal products imported in parallel constitute equivalent forms of repackaging.

12 December 2022

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