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Nominate now to recognise the trademark industry’s leading lights

The nominations period is open for the prestigious WTR Industry Awards 2024 and the forthcoming edition of WTR 300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals.

06 September 2023

General Court: no likelihood of confusion between RADIOMOOD and MOODMIX

The Board of Appeal was right to find that the common element ‘mood’ had a rather weak distinctive character and could not be regarded as the distinctive element.

29 August 2023

Apple Music dispute; USPTO to hold trademarks boot camp; UK Conservative MP accused of IP breach – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a new Reebok store hinting at a brand comeback, Yemen adopting the Nice Classification 10th Edition, and much more.

25 August 2023

The football brand GOAT: Messi move to Miami a commercial boon for player, club and league

The move is a massive commercial boon for the young club and could see Messi expanding his already record-breaking trademark portfolio to protect his brand interests in the United States.

24 August 2023

2024 Industry Awards and WTR 300 nominations – now open

Don't miss out on the chance to honour the luminaries of the trademark industry.

23 August 2023

Delhi High Court: Times Group has no exclusive rights over NOW

The dispute highlights the risks of suppressing and misrepresenting material facts and of taking a contrary stand before the registry and the courts.

16 August 2023

Protecting Peppa Pig – the commercial thinking behind Entertainment One’s enforcement approach

Entertainment One's senior director of brand protection discusses the commercial thinking that underpins the company's approach to enforcement, including its high-profile Peppa Pig litigation work.

14 August 2023

Scaling up – how Zoom built a protection strategy to match its popularity

Zoom's lead counsel on trademark and copyright explains how the company managed to successfully scale up its brand protection strategy as the ZOOM mark became a household name worldwide.

11 August 2023

VERIZON wins well-known status in India; local counsel reveals key to success

Verizon’s local counsel reveals the secret to the company’s success in obtaining well-known status in an unusual case.

02 August 2023

The X files: register data reveals extent of Musk’s competition for new Twitter brand

Analysis of global register data reveals thousands of pre-existing X marks, including some owned by major tech rivals.

01 August 2023

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