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The platform liability battle rages on: perspectives from both sides of the Atlantic

Who is responsible for stamping out counterfeit sales online is a hot question in the trademark world. Five thought leaders attempt to answer it, taking a forensic look at the issue from all angles.

09 June 2023

Innovation at IP Australia: spotlight on non-core tools and services

Featured in IP office tools and services

In a major update to our regular series, a representative from IP Australia reveals the latest developments to the office's cutting-edge tools and services – and some of those planned for the future.

05 June 2023

USPTO website ranked world’s most accessible IP office web platform

The USPTO has topped the list of the most accessible IP office websites for the first time, with director Kathi Vidal telling WTR that “it is imperative that our digital resources are accessible to all”.

01 June 2023

Non-invasive mindreading looks possible thanks to AI; is trademark evidence hopelessly behind?

In his latest column, AI expert Cameron Shackell considers recent developments in AI and neuroscience, and the major implications for the trademark industry.

31 May 2023

WTR Brand Elite analysis: April 2023

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite rose a single point through April, taking it to its highest value level in just over a year.

29 May 2023

Respondent cruises to victory under UDRP

Trademark owners involved in parallel proceedings would be well advised to wait until such proceedings have been determined before considering filing a UDRP complaint.

26 May 2023

Tencent takes centre stage at INTA 2023 Annual Meeting

In an exclusive interview, Danny Marti, head of public affairs and global policy at Tencent, reflects on the conglomerate’s experience as the only platinum plus sponsor of this year’s INTA.

25 May 2023

Using Thailand’s new decree on technology crimes to tackle IP infringement

The decree will help to unmask infringers by making stakeholders responsible for disclosing personal information about suspicious accounts and transactions.

25 May 2023

NFT trademark applications drop, but OpenSea remains infringement minefield

As metaverse and NFT-related trademarks see a significant drop in recent months, WTR takes a look at the ongoing issue of unauthorised brand use on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

24 May 2023

CJEU considers international jurisdiction under Article 125(5) of Regulation 2017/1001

The decision clarifies the relevant factors for ascertaining whether a national court has international jurisdiction under Article 125(5) of Regulation 2017/1001.

24 May 2023

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