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Sugo v Sugo leads to rebrand; Etsy counterfeits blow; Virgin wins $160 million – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Drake and 21 Savage settling an infringement suit over a fake Vogue cover, the Philippines promulgating new trademark rules, and much more.

17 February 2023

Reykjanes District Court issues decision in PADDY’S dispute

The court found that the evidence clearly demonstrated that the words ‘Paddy’s Irish pub’ are used worldwide to designate establishments of a certain type.

17 February 2023

Infringing gin: takeaways for designers in the latest M&S v Aldi ruling

An exclusive guest post analyses the recent Aldi v M&S judgment in England, including practical takeaways for designers and brand owners to protect their designs.

15 February 2023

Bad faith and invalidity actions: when commercial strategies backfire

In these invalidity proceedings, the General Court confirmed that the applicant had filed the contested marks with the aim of undermining the interests of third parties.

15 February 2023

Goya Foods Inc maintains its most popular trademark within the Andean region

Goya Foods Inc, a US producer of traditional Hispanic food, has obtained a victory – in the last judicial instance – in a non-use cancellation action against its trademark GOYA.

09 February 2023

SUBWAY v SUBERB: Subway cannot claim exclusivity over ‘sub’, says Delhi High Court

In a blow to multinational fast-food restaurant chain Subway, the Delhi High Court has dismissed a request for an interim injunction restraining the use of SUBERB in relation to sandwiches.

07 February 2023

Meta and Iceland wins feature in Legal Updates from the Americas that you may have missed

To complete our latest series of Legal Updates that you may have missed, we highlight takeaways from decisions handed down in the Americas over the past few months.

03 February 2023

McDonald’s v Supermac’s: Return of the (Big) Mac

The case highlights the importance of supplying sufficient and suitable evidence when defending a mark against a non-use revocation action before the EUIPO - even one as well known as BIG MAC.

02 February 2023

Chinese characters, stag heads, burgers and more: seven EMEA Legal Updates you may have missed

Each quarter WTR runs a series of pieces highlighting recent Legal Updates that you may have missed. To kick off our latest series, we turn our attention to recent developments in the EMEA region.

31 January 2023

ChatGPT fraud warning; UKIPO introduces new service rules; Hershey settles TOUGH COOKIE dispute – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a political commentator planning Aunt Jemima and Redskins products, the Thai IP office revealing counterfeit seizure data, and much more.

27 January 2023

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