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BNIC successfully invalidates one of the Chinese transliterations for ‘Cognac’

The CNIPA clarified that the protection of foreign GIs includes the protection of their Chinese translations, and is not limited to a determined official translation.

30 September 2022

Non-use revocation action against STEAM for “beer” unsuccessful

The case confirms that the affixing of a mark on transport packaging may constitute proof of genuine use of that mark.

29 September 2022

Counterfeit hotspots in Uganda that brand owners must be aware of

In a new edition from our ongoing series on physical marketplaces that reportedly engage in the trade of counterfeit goods, we head to Uganda.

28 September 2022

Cannabis dispensaries baked in tasty decision for senior trademark rights holders

The Federal Court ruled in favour of plaintiff Mars Canada Inc in a dispute involving the sale of edible cannabis products under the SKITTLES mark and trade dress,

28 September 2022

The in-house trademark department of 2027: preparing for an innovative future

Featured in WTR Special Report Q3 2022: Brand protection 2027: Why trademark practitioners must prepare for the future now

Pieter van den Bulck – until recently the global director of intellectual property at AB InBev  – shares the innovations that he sees as key for corporate trademark departments in the years ahead

27 September 2022

IP Court overrules Rospatent’s finding of similarity for marks in different classes

A fresh finding from the Presidium of the IP Court on similarity between marks may affect Rospatent’s registration practice, since the office has recently tightened the requirements for uniformity at the examination stage.

22 September 2022

WTR Brand Elite analysis: August 2022

Featured in Stock market performance

Stock market volatility continued in August, despite being a positive month for media companies.

21 September 2022

Not just THEOretically but also practically, Delhi High Court helps settle THEOS dispute

The case is interesting in that the court resolved the dispute by issuing directions.

21 September 2022

Hong Kong and Cambodia sign MoU; USPTO director to co-chair NACIE; WIPO plans UDRP workshop – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Maradona Global Limited revealing brand plans, the Brazil and German IPOs warning of fraud, and much more.

20 September 2022

Superior common law rights in South Carolina defeat infringement claims

A district court has held that one sale made two years before applying for federal trademark protection ― with no targeted marketing or promotion in South Carolina during that period ― is insufficient to establish superior common law trademark rights.

15 September 2022

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