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HelloFresh successfully opposes rival trademark HALAL FRESH

Meal-kit provider HelloFresh successfully opposed an application for HALAL FRESH in Classes 29 and 31 on the grounds of likelihood of confusion, detriment to reputation/distinctive character and passing off.

01 October 2021

Champagne v Champanillo: CJEU clarifies scope of protection afforded to PDOs

The Court of Justice of the European Union clarified how to determine whether there is an ‘evocation’ of a PDO within the meaning of Article 103(2)(b) of Regulation 1308/2013.

30 September 2021

QUINDIPAN not confusingly similar to appellation of origin ‘Café de Colombia’

The Colombian Coffee Growers’ Federation has failed to prevent the registration of QUINDIPAN in Classes 30 and 43. Its main argument was that ‘Quindi’ is similar to ‘Quindio’ - an area of great importance for coffee production in Colombia.

29 September 2021

Provenance and heritage in the European Union: why we should preserve products of origin (guest op-ed)

Sebastiano Costalonga, municipal councillor for commerce and manufacturing and industrial activities of the city of Venice, calls on the European Union to ensure that its craft heritage is protected.

27 September 2021

USMCA or FTA, UK GI regime will be defining factor in talks with US

Prospects of a trade deal and speculation that the United Kingdom could join the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement have dominated coverage of the UK prime minister’s trip to Washington DC.

25 September 2021

Amazon bans hundreds of Chinese brands; record-breaking year at UKIPO; Netflix acquires Roald Dahl rights – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Japanese companies urged to prepare for litigation in China, the UKIPO rejecting attempts to register footballer names, and much more.

24 September 2021

Addition of house mark inconsequential if sub-brand is similar to earlier mark and functions as trademark

When faced with a similar prior mark in an availability search, a typical workaround is to add a house mark to the proposed mark. This decision of the Division Bench of the Bombay High Court highlights that such solution may not always work.

23 September 2021

Emma Raducanu trademark misreporting; new INTA resolution; Oreo and Pokémon team up – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at US Customs unveiling a dedicated centralised inspection facility in Los Angeles, the Kroger Co joining Buy Safe America, and much more.

17 September 2021

Parallel imports in Venezuela: international trademark owners beware

Although Venezuela has not been seen as a priority by many international companies when it comes to trademark protection, this could change as a result of measures implemented by the Venezuelan government to stimulate imports.

17 September 2021

USPTO trademarks on sale as NFTs; thousands of duplicate filings in China; Australia joins DesignView – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Nordstrom trimming its private portfolio to strengthen brands, Firefly becoming the North America licensing agency for Pan Am, and much more.

14 September 2021

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