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WINEAPP v WINESAPP: differences between graphic elements sufficient to distinguish between marks

Although the verbal elements of the marks were almost identical, the differences between their visual components meant that consumers could reasonably distinguish between them.

25 April 2022

WTR Brand Elite analysis: March 2022

Featured in Stock market performance

While our indices of brand-focused companies lost ground to other stock market indices, there were a number of industries that performed well.

21 April 2022

General Court highlights proximity between goods in Classes 32 and 33

As a large number of non-alcoholic beverages in Class 32 and alcoholic beverages in Class 33 are generally consumed or marketed together, there was a proximity between those types of goods.

20 April 2022

South African courts ponder SOUL

Can a company monopolise the word ‘soul’ for foodstuffs and restaurant services? This question has been debated at length in South Africa, thanks to the efforts of Golden Fried Chicken (Pty) Ltd, the owner of the registered trademarks SOUL and SOUL KITCHEN.

19 April 2022

USPTO prevails in motion to dismiss HAVANA CLUB suit, but dispute continues

A US federal court has granted a USPTO motion to dismiss a complaint filed by Bacardi that centred on the office’s handling of Cubaexport’s HAVANA CLUB mark.

11 April 2022

New labelling requirements for foodstuffs and non-alcoholic beverages: what you need to know

Under the Act for the Promotion of Sustainable Nutrition, it is mandatory to include certain warnings on the packaging of foodstuffs and non-alcoholic beverages. The implementing regulation of the act has recently been passed.

11 April 2022

AAFA welcomes Vidal appointment; WIPO highlights green tech trends; Walmart issued temporary injunction – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at WIPO announcing that it will no longer issue paper copies of priority documents, a Malaysian frozen yoghurt brand accused of IP infringement, and much more.

08 April 2022

Half-baked case: no misappropriation or false advertising given over-broad allegations

In this dispute involving competitors in the bread industry, the court concluded that the alleged trade dress for the Grandma Sycamore’s Home-Maid Bread was generic and unprotectable.

08 April 2022

Victory for Capri Sun as court finds that 3D marks were infringed

The Patent and Market Court found that Capri Sun’s 3D EU trademarks, which consist of the appearance of the stand-up pouches designed to contain the Capri Sun fruit drinks, were infringed by the Tropic King products.

07 April 2022

Company diversity policies are in the crosshairs but efforts to foster inclusion in the legal industry shouldn’t be deterred

Companies must not be knocked off track in their efforts to foster inclusion in the legal sector, argues this week’s Saturday opinion.

02 April 2022

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