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Federal Court rules that the variation of a plaintiff’s registered mark is not a remedy in an infringement action

In a landmark decision, the Malaysian Federal Court has ruled that a plaintiff in an infringement action is not legally obliged to consider the option of co-existence on the ground of honest concurrent use.

21 October 2021

“Enormous significance” – Swiss Enforcement weighs in on importance of Iceland v Iceland

In an exclusive interview, Swiss Enforcement managing director David Stärkle reveals why the Iceland dispute at the EUIPO is important for the broader trademark ecosystem.

19 October 2021

eBay urged to ban airbag sales; McDonald’s prevails in McVegan dispute; INTA files amicus brief – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at how digital stamps help tackle fakes in Tanzania, brands warning of marketing activism, and much more.

19 October 2021

Federal Supreme Court holds that shape of Nespresso capsules is technically necessary

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court has put an end to the long-running dispute between Nestlé and Ethical Coffee, which had launched biodegradable coffee capsules compatible with the Nespresso system.

19 October 2021

Porto v Portwo Gin: General Court considers concepts of ‘use’ and ‘exploitation’ of a PDO

Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto IP - the institute in charge of controlling the quality and quantity of Port wine production - has prevailed before the General Court in opposition proceedings against the registration of PORTWO GIN for spirits.

18 October 2021

AB InBev's beyond-beer strategy could transform its brand portfolio

Its staple brands still have an important role to play as the brewer looks to expand into adjacent product areas such as hard seltzer and canned cocktails.

15 October 2021

The colour orange for Champagne – a salutary lesson in ticking the right box

Spending more time checking the boxes in the original trademark application would have saved the applicant 15 years of proceedings.

12 October 2021

Sony ‘most hated’ brand; INFORM Consumers Act introduced; AB InBev considers beer sale – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the USPTO issuing a final rule on international classification changes, the IACC celebrating the Italian Finance Police general commander, and much more.

08 October 2021

Philip Warren & Sons v Lidl: beef between the parties fails to generate indemnity costs and publicity order

Earlier this year, the High Court dismissed a passing-off claim by high-end butcher Philip Warren & Son against supermarket Lidl. Despite criticism of Philip Warren’s approach to the dispute, the court declined to grant Lidl indemnity costs or a publicity order.

06 October 2021

INTA announces Annual Meeting keynote; tips from a USPTO examining attorney; domain security concerns – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the future of NFTs in the IP industry, the Hershey Company taking the Cookie Department to court, and much more.

01 October 2021

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