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EUIPO Board of Appeal rejects motion mark for cheese

The Board of Appeal confirmed that the motion mark, which consisted of cutting an oval cheese with a knife and then assembling the pieces into a heart shape, lacked distinctiveness.

30 November 2023

Court of Appeals considers use of ‘eco’ in trademarks

The Court of Appeals, in contrast to the lower instances, found that a trademark including the element ‘Eco de los Andes’ was registrable for mineral water.

30 November 2023

Versailles Court of Appeal finds infringement of renowned 3D Mikado trademark

The case highlights that a 3D trademark consisting of the shape of the product can become well known - and thus benefit from a broader scope of protection.

28 November 2023

Exhaustion and relabelling: Supreme Court rules that prominent use of MySoda brand on certain labels was infringing

The Supreme Court has issued a final decision in the longstanding battle over the refilling and relabelling of SodaStream carbon dioxide bottles.

28 November 2023

‘Prosecco’ to be registered as GI following landmark Court of Appeal decision

This is the first time that the Court of Appeal has considered the operation and interpretation of various provisions under the Geographical Indications Act.

27 November 2023

NORO MORE: Cantarella’s ORO marks found to be invalid in light of Section 58

A key takeaway is that the inherent capacity of a foreign mark to distinguish the goods/services for which it is registered may depend on the trade relevant to those goods/services.

27 November 2023

ARCTIC WATER considered descriptive over 20 years after registration

The decision shows that even trademarks that have been registered for over two decades can be vulnerable to cancellation.

24 November 2023

BAUR AU LAC case: Federal Supreme Court puts an end to trademark dispute between two families

The decision serves as an important reminder of the differences between trademark use and registration.

21 November 2023

Microsoft leads tech brands bounceback, but other sectors suffer: WTR Brand Elite analysis

The WTR Brand Elite fell two points in October, hitting its lowest value this year. Yet technology companies – led by Microsoft – bucked the negative trend.

17 November 2023

Hungry Jack’s prevails over McDonald’s; INTA elects 2024 president; Disney to launch NFT platform – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the “largest-ever” seizure of counterfeit goods in the United States, Korean Customs preparing a counterfeits watch list, and much more.

17 November 2023

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