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Scotch Whisky gains certification mark in Hong Kong

This is good news for whisky brand owners, as the certification will enable easier enforcement.

19 September 2023

Bulls shoot and miss: UKIPO rejects invalidity proceedings brought by NBA

The NBA’s evidence was too vague, which damaged its chances of establishing any reputation beyond basketball-related entertainment.

15 September 2023

GI protection in Venezuela: the case of Ají Margariteño

A recent application for the recognition of Ají Margariteño - a chili pepper variety native to Margarita Island - as a GI shows how legal tools can propel regional products onto the international stage.

15 September 2023

Court holds that ‘China Bistro’ combination is distinctive and restrains use of WOW! CHINA BISTRO

Disclaiming exclusivity in respect of individual parts of a composite mark does not ipso facto result in disclaiming exclusivity over the mark as a whole.

08 September 2023

Nominate now to recognise the trademark industry’s leading lights

The nominations period is open for the prestigious WTR Industry Awards 2024 and the forthcoming edition of WTR 300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals.

06 September 2023

DINAPI recognises and protects main element in foreign company’s trademark

Dutch company Jemie BV, the owner of the mark CANNA THÉ SOLUTION FOR GROWTH AND BLOOM, has successfully opposed the registration of CANNAPAR by a Paraguayan company.

06 September 2023

Sixth Circuit defines criteria for assessing profits awards in restaurant dispute

In analysing a profits award, the Sixth Circuit held that several key factors should be considered, such as the defendant’s intent to deceive, whether sales were diverted and palming off, among many others. In light of such criteria, it upheld the district court’s award of profits, costs and attorneys’ fees.

31 August 2023

Incorrect information provided by PepsiCo leads to revocation of its potato variety

The case shows that it is crucial to provide correct information in applications for plant variety protection under the Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers Rights Act.

30 August 2023

General Court rejects Wajos appeal over 3D mark

The court highlighted that, since the refusal was justified on the basis of Article 7(1)(e)(ii), it was not necessary to examine the other grounds of refusal under that provision.

25 August 2023

2024 Industry Awards and WTR 300 nominations – now open

Don't miss out on the chance to honour the luminaries of the trademark industry.

23 August 2023

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