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The clock is ticking: nominate now for the 2024 Industry Awards and WTR 300 before it's too late

There's only a few weeks left to nominate candidates for the prestigious WTR Industry Awards 2024 and the forthcoming edition of WTR 300.

28 September 2023

Major crackdown on informal vendors of adidas football jerseys

The authorities have recently carried out several actions against street vendors of fake adidas jerseys, with one taking place outside the National Stadium only a few hours before the beginning of a FIFA World Cup qualifier match.

28 September 2023

General Court: no risk of confusion where signs coincide in weakly distinctive element

Where the signs coincide in a weakly distinctive element with regard to the goods at issue, the global assessment of the likelihood of confusion does not often lead to a finding that such likelihood exists.

27 September 2023

WTR Brand Elite analysis: August 2023

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite dipped two points in August, mirroring minor falls across major stock markets. However, Dell Technologies bucked the general trend.

25 September 2023

Fast-fashion houses suffer decline in brand value, while luxury and sporting brands see growth

Brand Finance’s latest report provides some insight into how big-name apparel brands are faring in the face of global inflation, economic uncertainty and environmentally conscious consumers.

21 September 2023

Louis Vuitton unsuccessful in RUI VUIT dispute

The French fashion house failed in its attempt to prevent the registration of RUI VUIT for clothing and sports shoes, with the JPO Opposition Board finding that it was not similar to the mark LOUIS VUITTON.

20 September 2023

General Court confirms likelihood of confusion between TRUE SKIN and TRUE, despite lack of conceptual similarity

The case highlights that, where one of the marks has a meaning from the perspective of the relevant public and the other mark does not, it must be held that the marks are conceptually different.

18 September 2023

INTA files amicus brief in TRUMP TOO SMALL case; Diesel wins dispute; Wilko brand sold – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Netcraft acquiring FraudWatch, a watermelon wedge trademark cancellation being upheld, and much more.

15 September 2023

Federal Court of Appeals rules in opposition proceedings involving identical marks

The decision confirms that there is no need to prove bad faith in cases where a trademark is blatantly copied.

14 September 2023

“Artists stand no chance”: viral painter speaks out after takedowns from Hasbulla, Post Malone and Warner Bros

Popular Instagram artist Rory Paints laments what he perceives as a David versus Goliath situation between artists and major brands.

12 September 2023

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