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Nine counterfeit hotspots that you must be aware of in Kazakhstan

Featured in Physical marketplace counterfeit hotspots

In a major update from our series highlighting physical marketplaces that reportedly engage in the trade of counterfeit goods, we head to Kazakhstan.

06 October 2022

Christian Louboutin prevails over Chinese shoe manufacturer in ‘red sole’ dispute

The IP Court recognised that Christian Louboutin’s red-lacquered sole, as well as the phrase ‘红底鞋’ (‘red-sole shoe’ in English), were associated with Christian Louboutin and, therefore, were subject to protection under the Anti-unfair Competition Law.

06 October 2022

IPONZ decision provides excellent guidance on online trademark use

The decision provides a comprehensive guide in relation to online sales and revocation actions in New Zealand.

06 October 2022

Online marketplaces in Nepal that should be on counterfeit enforcement radars

In this new edition from our series on online marketplaces around the globe that should be monitored as part of counterfeit enforcement, we head to Nepal.

03 October 2022

Duck fight: when reputation comes to the rescue of the ‘risk of confusion’ assessment

In opposition proceedings involving two figurative marks including the representation of a duck, the General Court has confirmed that there was a risk that the mark applied for would derive undue benefit from the reputation of the earlier mark.

03 October 2022

PTO recognises notoriety of LEVI’S mark for Class 25 goods

In opposition proceedings against the registration of the mark LEXI-5 in Class 25, the PTO’s Administrative Court of Appeals recognised the notoriety of the LEVI'S mark based on additional evidence submitted on appeal.

30 September 2022

Yes, and it counts! Single purchase in forum establishes personal jurisdiction over infringer

When dealing with foreign-based online retailers, trademark owners may consider purchasing an allegedly infringing product for delivery to a desired jurisdiction to establish personal jurisdiction in that state.

29 September 2022

Counterfeit hotspots in Uganda that brand owners must be aware of

In a new edition from our ongoing series on physical marketplaces that reportedly engage in the trade of counterfeit goods, we head to Uganda.

28 September 2022

HOUSE OF ZANA trademarks registered following unsuccessful opposition by Zara brand

The mental link a consumer would make between the mark HOUSE OF ZANA and the earlier mark ZARA was “too insubstantial and fleeting” to result in an image transfer and free-riding.

28 September 2022

Salvatore Ferragamo rebrands; UKIPO seeks CEO; influencer sentenced for selling fakes – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a San Francisco business ditching a MOCHI MUFFIN trademark application, Korean brands being targeted by illegal registrations in China, and much more.

27 September 2022

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