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Two crocodiles before the Supreme People’s Court

The Supreme People's Court has made a full review of some of the main aspects of this long-running dispute between Lacoste and Cartelo, shedding light on key issues related to the assessment of similarity.

05 October 2021

Online marketplaces in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar that should be on counterfeit enforcement radars

In the latest instalment in our regular series identifying digital marketplaces that brand owners should monitor as part of global anti-counterfeiting efforts, we head to three nations in Southeast Asia.

04 October 2021

Amazon reaches settlement with influencers, will donate payments to INTA

Amazon has reached a settlement with two influencers it accused of using TikTok, Instagram and Facebook to promote and facilitate the sale of counterfeit goods on its platform.

30 September 2021

Disney sues over Marvel superhero rights; Reebok and Jelly Belly partnership; INTA and Wanhuida sponsorship – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a new study painting a worrying picture of lawyer wellbeing, PepsiCo introducing top brands to SodaStream, and much more.

28 September 2021

Vans v Paredes: when is a ‘V’ not a ‘V’?

US sports footwear company Vans Inc has failed in its attempt to prevent the registration of a position mark for footwear based on two earlier figurative marks.

28 September 2021

Provenance and heritage in the European Union: why we should preserve products of origin (guest op-ed)

Sebastiano Costalonga, municipal councillor for commerce and manufacturing and industrial activities of the city of Venice, calls on the European Union to ensure that its craft heritage is protected.

27 September 2021

SAMSONITE v SAMS: Higher Board issues exemplary decision on similarity, taking into account well-known status of earlier mark

In a victory for Samsonite, the Higher Board of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office has found that the marks SAMS and SAMSONITE were similar. Among other things, the ‘swirl’ device in the SAMSONITE mark separated and emphasised the element ‘Sams’.

27 September 2021 leverages relationship with LVMH to boost its own reputation

All the brand’s touchpoints are covered, giving the e-commerce giant a leg up in a competitive market.

24 September 2021

Amazon bans hundreds of Chinese brands; record-breaking year at UKIPO; Netflix acquires Roald Dahl rights – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Japanese companies urged to prepare for litigation in China, the UKIPO rejecting attempts to register footballer names, and much more.

24 September 2021

WTR Brand Elite analysis: August 2021

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite project tracks how a defined set of brand-focused companies with industry-leading trademark teams perform against stock market indices.

23 September 2021

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