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Good news for Lego as PTO finds that similar visual impression prevails over different word elements

The PTO found that the figurative marks JORGE TOY’S and PILCOMUNDO and the well-known figurative mark LEGO shared the same graphic elements, which created an almost identical visual impression.

11 May 2022

Lodestar v Bacardi has implications for protection of US marks under Madrid Protocol

A new ruling provides invaluable guidance on who holds enforceable priority when a mark is registered prior to use in commerce yet use did not begin until after the allegedly infringing use began.

05 May 2022

WTR Industry Awards winners revealed as brand leaders convene in Washington DC

In-house excellence has been celebrated at Washington DC’s Planet Word Museum, with the winners of this year’s WTR Industry Awards announced at an exclusive champagne reception.

03 May 2022

Repairing, refurbishing, embellishing and upcycling – where are the limits on modifying branded goods?

Bryan Wheelock of Harness IP analyses a slew of cases involving modification – including the high-profile Nike Satan Shoes litigation – to tease out the subtle nuances on which a finding of infringement can hinge in this grey area.

28 April 2022

WTR Brand Elite analysis: March 2022

Featured in Stock market performance

While our indices of brand-focused companies lost ground to other stock market indices, there were a number of industries that performed well.

21 April 2022

Unilever may keep its CIF trademarks in Norway, but is not allowed to use them

In a decision that leaves some questions unanswered, the appeal court found that Lilleborg had lost its right to protest against Unilever’s registration of the CIF marks due to passivity, but not to react against their use.

21 April 2022

“Brand is the ultimate IP” – ASICS counsel urges Japanese companies to place more emphasis on proactive branding

In an interview with WTR, ASICS’ Koji Saito shares ways to raise global brand value.

20 April 2022

Major raid on fake mobile phone accessories store carried out in Lima shopping centre

Over 1,200 fake mobile phone accessories bearing brands such as Apple, LG, Samsung and Sony have been seized in a store located in an affluent part of the capital.

20 April 2022

Rubik’s Cube: another throw of the dice

In a blow to Seven Towns Ltd, the UK toy company which manages the rights to the Rubik’s Cube, the Tel Aviv District Court has upheld the decision of the registrar ordering the removal from the register of three 3D marks for the shape of the Rubik’s Cube.

13 April 2022

General Court confirms that LG Electronics’ AION trademark is not confusingly similar to Ionfarma’s earlier trademarks

The decision of the General Court provides a primer on how to assess the similarity of goods.

12 April 2022

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