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The growing need for an internationally harmonised approach to GIs

Trademark experts analyse differences among key jurisdictions’ treatment of this pivotal right and speak out for greater cooperation.

21 June 2023

Norwegian IP owners may pursue international infringement matters before the Norwegian courts

The decision opens the possibility of pursuing international infringement cases before the Norwegian courts where both parties are Norwegian registered companies.

20 June 2023

Trademark law professor opposes RAPUNZEL, but consumers lack statutory entitlement

The TTAB has dismissed an action filed by a law professor on the ground that a mere consumer is not entitled to oppose under Section 13 of the Trademark Act.

12 June 2023

The platform liability battle rages on: perspectives from both sides of the Atlantic

Who is responsible for stamping out counterfeit sales online is a hot question in the trademark world. Five thought leaders attempt to answer it, taking a forensic look at the issue from all angles.

09 June 2023

Brand owners breathe a “sigh of relief” as Supreme Court sides with Jack Daniel’s

A unanimous decision from the US Supreme Court has been praised by local practitioners as a momentous development for brand owners everywhere.

08 June 2023

Supreme Court sets limits to ‘freedom to operate’ defence in design cases

Relying on the ‘freedom to operate’ defence based on a prior unprotected design is not possible if the owner of the asserted design successfully claims an exception to loss of novelty over the earlier-disclosed design.

02 June 2023

Hasbro versus Mattel: how best to keep consumers keen on core brands?

Hasbro and Mattel share broadly similar trademark protection strategies, Clarivate data shows. But a closer look at their annual financial reports reveals subtly different approaches to the future of the industry.

31 May 2023

Weeded out: mark for drug paraphernalia described as “essential oil dispenser” refused registration

The TTAB upheld the refusal to register a mark for an “essential oil dispenser” based on extrinsic evidence that the dispenser was primarily used with cannabis extract.

31 May 2023

WTR Brand Elite analysis: April 2023

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite rose a single point through April, taking it to its highest value level in just over a year.

29 May 2023

POPSOCKETS v POP!: recognition of vested trademark rights

The decision sends a strong message to third parties attempting to imitate notorious trademarks.

25 May 2023

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