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STELLAR allowed for Class 10 goods on appeal

The Swiss Federal Administrative Court disagreed with the strict approach followed by the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in this case.

28 October 2021

Grand Board of Appeal’s failure to examine pleaded ground of invalidity leads to annulment of its decision

In these long-running invalidity proceedings involving a mark consisting of the representation of chevrons between two parallel lines, the General Court has again annulled a decision of the EUIPO.

22 October 2021

“Only those who adapt will survive” – JT International trademark director on evolution of industry

We sit down with former INTA president and JT International IP, trademark and design director Ronald van Tuijl to learn how tobacco brands are evolving in the face of consumer health concerns and new regulations.

18 October 2021

2021 INTA Annual Meeting capsule keynotes; fountain pen trademark drama; Disney+ to expand into Asia – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Montenegro expanding its TMclass participation, KIPO seeing a significant increase in covid marks, and much more.

15 October 2021

Madras High Court: WOODS for incense sticks is suggestive

The manufacturer of the Woods incense sticks has failed in its attempt to prevent a competitor from using the mark HEAVEN WOOD.

13 October 2021

Challenger cosmetics brands poised to thrive online

The beauty industry is in a period of major disruption, but the shift to e-commerce has benefitted DTC brands.

08 October 2021

Sony ‘most hated’ brand; INFORM Consumers Act introduced; AB InBev considers beer sale – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the USPTO issuing a final rule on international classification changes, the IACC celebrating the Italian Finance Police general commander, and much more.

08 October 2021

Nigeria’s counterfeiting epidemic: expert outlines what brands can do to fight back

The co-author of a new study into Nigerian counterfeits reveals what international brand owners and IP associations can do to improve the situation.

07 October 2021

General Court: Board of Appeal erred in taking account of highly distinctive character for certain goods

The General Court found that the Board of Appeal’s error as regards the taking into account of a highly distinctive character had a decisive influence on its assessment.

07 October 2021

Reckitt Benckiser obtains interim injunction against competitor - even though prima facie infringement case was not strong

New market entrants should be wary that the balance of convenience is likely to weigh heavily in favour of an incumbent trademark owner with significant reputation in Australia, as demonstrated by this dispute between competitors in the dishwasher tablet market.

01 October 2021

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