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An over-focus on online enforcement is a major risk for everyday brands

Data from UK law enforcement authorities suggests that brand owners cannot afford to divert too much attention from offline networks, argues Saturday's opinion column.

05 August 2023

“We have genuine passion” – how the Mars trademark team is upskilling to tackle new IP challenges

In an exclusive interview, Mars Wrigley's Philippe Claude reveals how the team is approaching new threats, including NFTs and cannabis-related products.

03 August 2023

Office chair headrest designs found to invalidate later Community design consisting of garden chair headrest

The owners of a Community design for a garden chair headrest got more than they bargained for when they sued Danish company Oase Outdoors for infringement, with the latter filing a counterclaim for a declaration of invalidity of the design.

03 August 2023

Board of Appeal establishes link between luxury and household goods

The decision is significant in that the board looked at industry traits and common business practices to establish the existence of a link between the marks, even for dissimilar goods.

02 August 2023

Trademarks on true-to-life toy cars and buildings: Supreme Court confirms that there is no infringement

In a blow to logistics company Dachser, the court held that use of its trademarks on true-to-life replicas of a Dachser truck and warehouse did not constitute trademark infringement.

01 August 2023

Power play: Federal Court’s decision in Energizer v Gillette narrows test for depreciation of goodwill in comparative advertising cases

The case is noteworthy in that it is one of only a few that have dissected Section 22 of the Trademarks Act.

28 July 2023

Acquittal judgment overturned due to incorrect assessment of evidence in case involving imported counterfeit goods

The conclusions reached by the lower court directly contradicted those set forth in the expert’s report.

26 July 2023

Fourth Circuit vacates district court’s injunctive relief ruling due to FRCP misapplication

The Federal Court of Appeals has reinforced the importance of properly applying criteria from the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure when reviewing a party’s request for injunctive relief.

20 July 2023

WTR Brand Elite analysis: June 2023

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite rose seven points through June, hitting its highest value since 1 February 2022.

18 July 2023

IPC Court provides guidance for determining whether sign is used as a trademark in infringement cases

It is important, notably, to assess whether the product displays other signs that are more likely to be perceived as indicators of origin.

13 July 2023

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