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WTR Brand Elite analysis: September 2022

Featured in Stock market performance

September was a challenging month in the stock markets, with the WTR Brand Elite dropping eight points and hitting its lowest level since October 2020.

31 October 2022

The brand risks of corporate political donations: what trademark practitioners need to know

A recent report urges companies to halt political spending to “minimise the risk of blowback”, which can include significant harm to brand reputation.

19 October 2022

Five minutes with… Lazada

WTR checks in with Lazada’s senior vice president of legal Rugeradh Tungsupakul on its trademark and brand protection strategy.

17 October 2022

Huge raid against counterfeit ink factory sends strong message to infringers

In one of the most important enforcement actions ever carried out in Peru, the authorities have seized a large quantity of items bearing signs identical to recognised trademarks and logos.

11 October 2022

Canon seizes funds in action that shows power of following the money

Canon’s win against more than 50 illicit online sellers illustrates the effectiveness of following the money in anti-counterfeiting suits and provides a checklist of behaviours to look for when building a case.

10 October 2022

Gibson cybersquatting claim backfires; Coachella sues Afrochella; Rothschild NFT appeal dismissed – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the Oatly BARISTA application being rejected by IPONZ, Dubai Customs sharing its operations behind the scenes, and much more.

07 October 2022

Anti-monopoly authority sets unfair competition test in GLOBUS dispute

In this dispute over the trademark GLOBUS for glue, the authority has considered a range of factors based on competition law, which may be regarded as an unfair competition test.

07 October 2022

Ad featuring third-party mark on the aftermarket ruled fair use

Selling consumable spare parts bearing a third-party mark on the aftermarket has been held to be nominative fair use by the IPC Court, so long as it is clear that the item is not produced by the original manufacturer.

06 October 2022

Board of Appeal decision highlights difficulties in registering 3D marks for everyday consumer goods

The decision emphasises that distinctive character acquired through use must be shown throughout the territory of the European Union, and not only in a substantial part of it.

27 September 2022

The rise of the metaverse: what it means for brand owners

Featured in WTR Special Report Q3 2022: Brand protection 2027: Why trademark practitioners must prepare for the future now

Taylor Wessing’s Christian Tenkhoff and Sylvia Burgess-Tate delve into the metaverse and virtual reality to see what brands have been doing, what the online world could look like by 2027, how it could affect trademark law and what rights holders can do to prepare

27 September 2022

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