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Up in smoke: TTAB dismisses e-cigarette opposition, provides guidance for effective evidence and testimony

The decision provides a valuable checklist for properly submitting critical evidence and testimony in TTAB proceedings.

18 November 2022

“A turning point”: Banksy earns significant victory as EU trademark cancellation annulled

The EUIPO Fifth Board of Appeal has ruled that a trademark of a famous monkey image by renowned street artist Banksy is valid.

16 November 2022

Six counterfeit hotspots in Pakistan that brand owners must be aware of

Featured in Physical marketplace counterfeit hotspots

In this update from our series on marketplaces around the globe that are reportedly notorious for being counterfeit havens, we head to Pakistan.

16 November 2022

Prior use, concurrent use and concurrent registrations - no defence to trademark opposition in Australia

The decision confirms that the arguments available to an applicant in defending an opposition based on prior reputation are very limited.

16 November 2022

“Out of control”: brand impersonation on Twitter rife as risk of fraud and scams rises

With the growing risk of scams on Twitter, IP professionals are being urged to increase their monitoring of the social platform to find and report newly verified accounts impersonating major brands.

11 November 2022

Tackling cross-border online infringement: key takeaways from Mary Kay v Alibaba

Brand owners need to take great care when devising their enforcement and litigation strategies when it comes to online platforms. Deacons’ Charmaine Koo and Alibaba Group's senior legal counsel Iris Li share some key takeaways from the decision that has solidified Hong Kong’s stance on cross-border online infringement.

10 November 2022

Brand owners take note: 1 January 2023 deadline approaching to file recordals

The deadline for the implementation of the Anti-counterfeiting Authority (ACA)'s dual recordal system for IP rights is fast approaching. IP rights owners should file their recordals now to meet the ACA's requirements for import.

10 November 2022

Patent and Trademark Office rejects applications based on interdependence principle

In two recent decisions, the Patent and Trademark Office has explicitly mentioned and set out the conditions for the application of the interdependence principle.

09 November 2022

China publishes timeline for actions to strengthen trademark protection

The timeline assigns deadlines from as early as December 2022, through to the end of 2025, for activities based on 2019 “Opinions on strengthening intellectual property protection”.

07 November 2022

Trademark lawyers take over Kleenex social media channels: getting creative to fend off genericide

This week’s Saturday opinion reflects on Kleenex’s social media campaign, the latest effort to creatively educate the public on trademark use.

05 November 2022

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