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From Tokyo to Brisbane: inside the ever-evolving Olympic brand protection strategy

Jayne Durden, vice president, law firm strategy at Anaqua, reveals how the International Olympic Committee enforces the Olympic brand and what actions sponsors and advertisers should take through every stage of the Olympic cycle.

28 July 2021

Requirements for proof of use - a textbook treatise by the General Court

In these proceedings for the revocation of the mark I-COSMETICS for non-use, the General Court has laid down in textbook fashion the requirements for proof of use of a trademark.

28 July 2021

Trademark Office backs Xiaomi in opposition against copycat MI logo

This case was recently selected as one of the Chinese Trademark Office’s “Exemplary Trademark Opposition and Adjudication Cases of 2020”.

26 July 2021

Significant raid carried out against importer of fake mobile phone accessories

More than 15,000 fake mobile phone accessories - bearing brands such as Apple, Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi - have been seized following a huge raid in a commercial establishment and warehouse located in Downtown Lima.

26 July 2021

Puma settles ‘Roar’ logo dispute; UKIPO warns about priority filings; ECTA creates SME task force – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Philadelphia customs officials seizing counterfeit auto parts, a US Senator introducing a resolution commemorating increased anti-counterfeiting efforts, and much more.

23 July 2021

“Set an example for other developing nations” – new call for plain packaging in India

A newly-published study is urging the Indian government to implement plain packaging on all tobacco products, claiming it is “a public issue” due to an ongoing smoking epidemic in India.

21 July 2021

No stop for NOMAD

The General Court found that the relevant public would not immediately perceive the word ‘nomad’ as referring to the idea of travel and, in any event, this would not emphasise a positive quality of the goods.

21 July 2021

Monopoly, Red Bull and Swatch feature in European Legal Updates you may have missed

WTR’s Legal Updates are written by a select panel of over 160 leading experts who analyse the latest trademark-related developments and decisions in more than 60 jurisdictions.

19 July 2021

Gmail offers authenticated brand logos; UKIPO launches bulk renewal service; L’Occitane wins in China – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at INTA opening registrations for its Annual Meeting, Clarivate integrating its trademark solutions, Honduras joining TMclass, and much more.

16 July 2021

“Nothing has changed” – concern over stalled efforts to close counterfeit factories in China

Despite reports of increased police raids of factories producing counterfeit goods in China, experts on the ground have told WTR that there is little sign of a recent rise in legal enforcement.

15 July 2021

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