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FTC positioned to become NFT dispute battleground, warns IP expert

As court actions against NFT sellers and marketers continue, brands warned that they could become a target of FTC lawsuits for false advertising if they are deemed to be acting disingenuously.

13 December 2022

Supreme Administrative Court values evidence of local use over consumers’ knowledge of contested trademark in opposition proceedings

The decision shows that evidence such as the market share of a disputed trademark in the local market will carry more weight than testimonies by Taiwanese consumers and opinion leaders.

12 December 2022

What the Brazilian presidential election result means for IP

Following a tight run-off race, Lula da Silva is to become the next president of Brazil. His election could have a significant impact on the country’s IP ecosystem.

08 December 2022

Parallel import infringement cases under the CJEU’s spotlight

The CJEU clarified how national court orders in infringement actions should be formulated in parallel import cases.

08 December 2022

The IP rights recordal deadline is nearly here

The deadline for the implementation of the Anti-counterfeiting Authority (ACA)'s dual recordal system for IP rights is fast approaching. A recent notice clarifies a number of points.

08 December 2022

EU expansion of GI protection to craft and industrial goods moves step closer, but not without opposition

The European Council's adoption of modified regulations sets up future negotiations with Parliament.

07 December 2022

Legislation and IP policy watch: the current state of play (December 2022)

WTR’s monthly column tracking trademark and related policy developments, including the progress of major bills, from around the world.

01 December 2022

Major success for Banksy at the EUIPO Board of Appeal

The Fifth Board of Appeal of the EUIPO rejected the claim that the figurative mark known as “Laugh Now, But One Day We’ll Be In Charge” had been applied for in bad faith.

30 November 2022

WTR Brand Elite analysis: October 2022

Featured in Stock market performance

Stock markets rebound, with energy brands the top performers, but adidas' share price suffers from Kanye split.

24 November 2022

Up in smoke: TTAB dismisses e-cigarette opposition, provides guidance for effective evidence and testimony

The decision provides a valuable checklist for properly submitting critical evidence and testimony in TTAB proceedings.

18 November 2022

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