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Managing household brands: the secrets to Industrias AIEn’s success

Mexico’s Industrias AIEn reveals what it takes to become the 2022 WTR Latin America Team of the Year.

26 July 2022

Applicability and apportionment of general overheads in an account of profits: a pursuit of the "least unrealistic" outcome

The case highlights the uncertainty implicit in a claimant seeking an account of profits and the need for the court to take a pragmatic approach.

26 July 2022

Peruvian Trademark Office protects Dora the Explorer

The office upheld an opposition filed by Viacom International Inc, the owner of the DORA trademark in Class 3, against the registration of a figurative trademark including the element ‘Dora’ in Class 21.

25 July 2022

Amazon and post contrasting months as stock market volatility continues: WTR Brand Elite analysis

A rocky month in the stock markets saw the WTR Brand Elite drop eight points through June. The index is now at its lowest value since November 2020.

18 July 2022

FLOOR XPERT case: IPOS considers meaning of ‘use to acquire distinctiveness’

Use of a mark in a brand owner’s corporate name, website and/or social media handle may constitute use of the mark for the purposes of trademark registration.

18 July 2022

Notable trends in trademark litigation and enforcement in China: takeaways from QBPC’s top 10 cases lists

QBPC’s selected cases highlight new methods of calculating damages and compensation, the use of big data, and increased cooperation between authorities and businesses.

13 July 2022

Verisure’s ZEROVISION mark found to be descriptive for smoke machines and security systems

In a blow to international security company Verisure, the Oslo District Court has upheld the refusal to register the mark ZEROVISION for smoke machines in Class 7 and security systems in Class 9.

13 July 2022

CHEF LINE: descriptive or suggestive?

The IP adjudicator found that, while the mark CHEF LINE was inherently descriptive in relation to the goods and services at issue, it had acquired distinctive character through use.

12 July 2022

Unite the Union fails to obtain cancellation of WATERFORD mark for glassware

The Board of Appeal was right in finding that the Waterford Study did not prove that the city of Waterford had a reputation in relation to the production of crystal or glass.

08 July 2022

Copyright owner successfully defeats trademark squatter

The Supreme People's Court has held that specific calligraphy characters may constitute works of art protected under the Copyright Law and that the defendants’ registered trademark infringed the plaintiffs’ copyright.

07 July 2022

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