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Government-approved brand valuation authority key to unlocking trademark potential, scholar says

Establishing an authority to grant brand value status to companies seeking investment would be key to unlocking the financial potential of trademarks, an experienced business scholar tells WTR.

09 December 2021

National interest: a basis for the registration of identical or confusingly similar trademarks?

This decision of the Federal High Court in a case involving the ‘eNaira’ - the Central Bank of Nigeria’s new digital currency - broadens the scope of Section 13(2) of the Trademarks Act.

03 December 2021

Delhi High Court: intent to target Indian market is sine qua non condition to exercise jurisdiction

Tata Sons failed to prevent Hakunamatata Tata Founders and others, which deal in cryptocurrency under the name/mark TATA COIN/$ TATA, from using the trademark TATA.

19 November 2021

Enforcement tips from Starbucks; Mastercard recognised for bettering society; judges look to the future – INTA 2021 report

WTR offers more highlights, learnings and observations from the midway point of INTA's 2021 Annual Meeting.

18 November 2021

EUIPO offers payment processors anti-counterfeiting blueprint

The EUIPO has published a new discussion paper recommending a series of preventive and reactive best practices for electronic payment service providers to protect their services from misuse by infringers.

17 November 2021

General Court confirms that $ CASH APP lacks distinctiveness

The General Court agreed with the EUIPO that a figurative mark pertaining to a mobile payment service lacked distinctive character - despite the fact that a near-identical mark had been granted protection by the UKIPO.

03 November 2021

No getting off ‘lite-ly’ for fraudulent applicant

In this case involving the well-known cryptocurrency Litecoin, the High Court had to consider whether the defendants’ attempt to register the word mark LITECOIN constituted passing off.

11 October 2021

Dogecoin clean-up operation proves it does not pay to wait

The creators of meme-currency Dogecoin are facing an uphill battle to register their rights and fend off third-party applications, but other inventors can learn a lot from their troubles.

23 September 2021

Alphabet and Apple outperform other tech brands in latest WTR Brand Elite indices analysis

The WTR Brand Elite project tracks how a defined set of brand-focused companies with industry-leading trademark teams perform against stock market indices.

11 August 2021

Enhanced version of 2021 WTR 300 now available

WTR is pleased to unveil the enhanced version of this year’s WTR 300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals. New features include in-depth profiles highlighting the roles and achievements of these industry experts.

09 August 2021

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