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04 January 2019

Amazon counterfeit problem, Richemont signs up with Alibaba, and branding turns into blanding: news digest

In our latest news digest, we look at the Minnesota Vikings being mocked over a trademark application, the startup which prevailed in a trade dress battle, Trump reusing a notorious Game of Thrones-inspired poster, and much more.

27 March 2017

Amazon announces expanded anti-counterfeiting programme, but claims arise of fakes being part of Amazon

E-commerce giant Amazon has confirmed that it is expanding its anti-counterfeiting programme to allow rights holders to register their logos and intellectual property to expedite the removal of counterfeit

However, recent claims have emerged that Amazon itself has counterfeit products as part of its own inventory.

26 January 2017

Amazon must focus on quality over quantity when conducting investigations into counterfeits

When it comes to the availability of counterfeit goods, the size of the task facing e-commerce sites cannot be understated.

However, reports of Amazon’s ‘investigations-per-hour’ approach to anti-counterfeiting has led to claims that quality in decision-making is suffering.

18 November 2016

Amazon takes unprecedented action against alleged counterfeiters, but will it appease concerned IP owners

For the first time in its history, Amazon has sued parties suspected of using its online platform to sell counterfeit goods.

But trademark owners are likely to want to see a lot more from Amazon for their concerns to be significantly allayed.

21 July 2016

Birkenstock leaves Amazon "to counterfeiters, fake suppliers and unauthorised sellers" as IP concern

German footwear maker Birkenstock has decided to quit the Amazon marketplace in protest at what it perceives to be a lax approach to counterfeiting on the part of the online retailer.

10 May 2018

As Alibaba’s Anti-counterfeiting Alliance grows, is Amazon now the primary battleground in the war against

Alibaba Group has confirmed that membership to its Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance has climbed to over 100 brands.

Exclusive survey data reveals the Chinese retail giant is still a challenge for rights holders – but respondents claim Amazon is “less and less willing to help brand owners”.

28 June 2017

Nike’s reported partnership with Amazon has both economic and anti-counterfeiting implications

As well as representing a potential commercial win for both companies, the move could highlight the benefits of the e-commerce giant’s new programme for brands fighting the spectre of counterfeit goods

05 February 2019

Amazon acknowledges counterfeits, Turning Point name dispute, and Monster mashed: news digest 

In our latest round-up, we look at WIPO General Director Francis Gurry visiting the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, the Philippines recording a significant rise in counterfeit seizures, and much more

09 March 2018

Tesla overtakes rivals in brand value, a Wakanda trademark, and Amazon files anti-counterfeit lawsuits

In our latest round-up, we look Amazon partnering with two brands to file several federal lawsuits against parties accused of selling fake goods, how brands got creative on International Women’s Day, and

10 October 2017

Maintaining exclusivity: the nuanced reality behind Amazon’s reported ‘luxury problem’

This week the Wall Street Journal reported that luxury brands are demanding a firmer commitment from Amazon to police counterfeits on the platform, with talks between the e-commerce giant and Swatch

breaking down over Amazon's unwillingness to do more.

09 December 2016

Amazon lines up new plan to fight fakes – but detail all important in bid to win over brand owners

As Amazon faces a growing chorus of voices demanding that it does more to address its problem with fake goods, there are rumours that the company is working on a new anti-counterfeiting strategy.

07 March 2018

Amazon under fire for banning sale of Google Chromecast and “fulfilling” sales of fake and copycat streaming

Retail giant Amazon has come in for more criticism over the sale of fakes on its platform, this time for selling copycat Google Chromecast products.

Pressure grows for the company to take more action against counterfeits.

20 October 2016

Amazon condemnation escalates as Apple claims 90% of its branded items sold on site are fake

Criticism of the availability of counterfeits on Amazon has been turned up a notch after Apple suggested that as much as 90% of items being sold as genuine Apple products by the e-tailer are fakes.

06 December 2012

Top 10 trademark news stories for November

The list of most-read blogs on WTR in November has a distinctly online feel – with half of the top 10 focused on the gTLD expansion and others considering Amazon’s new brand pages, AdWords and counterfeit