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05 February 2018

General Court confirms that DUAL EDGE is descriptive for Class 9 goods

In LG Electronics, Inc v EUIPO, the General Court has confirmed that DUAL EDGE is descriptive and lacks distinctive character for mobile phones and related goods.

29 November 2017

Claranet loses appeal in EU General Court

The EU General Court has upheld an EUIPO Board of Appeal decision which found a likelihood of confusion between the marks CLARANET and CLARO.

07 June 2017

The colourless globe

A recent decision of the EU General Court regarding the signs GLOBO MEDIA and TV GLOBO PORTUGAL illustrates the importance of differences between a sign as registered and as actually used in trade.

21 October 2016

Sound marks – reality or fiction?

In a recent judgment the EU General Court confirmed the refusal of a sound mark application filed by the Brazilian company Globo Comunicação e Participações SA consisting of a telephone ringtone on the ground that, due to its banality, the mark was devoid of distinctive character.

12 December 2016

Celebrities involved in misleading ads no longer face jail

A panel group of ministers has approved a fine of up to Rs1 million and a one-year ban on celebrities who endorse products making unrealistic claims, but has dropped the controversial proposal to impose a jail term.

02 June 2016

Lead character in remake does not pass off original lead character

In Arbaaz Khan Production Private Limited v North Star Entertainment Private Limited a single judge of the Bombay High Court held, among other things, that a lead character in a film remake has independent rights and does not necessarily pass off the lead character in the original film.

10 April 2018

Call for more robust online RPMs, Alibabacoin hits back and getting legal advice from a robot: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at a trademark infringement lawsuit involving US TV sitcom I Love Lucy, Alibabacoin hits back at Alibaba lawsuit, and much more.

03 July 2017

LG, CBS and Time Warner revealed as top trademark filers at USPTO; Apple falls out of top 50

New data has revealed that technology giant LG was the most prolific filer of trademark applications at the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2016, with entertainment conglomerates CBS, Time Warner and Disney just behind. Meanwhile, Apple – which had the most trademarks of any major tech company a few years ago – filed less than 70 marks last year, leading one industry commentator to ask: “Hey Apple, why aren’t you filing trademark applications?”

23 August 2016

Mystery over entertainment tycoon’s web of trademarks, domains and company names

Eyebrows have been raised over recent trademark filings by businesses linked to prolific domain owner and entertainment entrepreneur Michael Gleissner. World Trademark Review has conducted an extensive investigation into the filings, which reveals an intriguing web of thousands of company names, domains and trademarks related to high-profile brands, generic terms and even IP offices – with the legal work in the US being led by a former USPTO patent examiner.

26 January 2018

TÍMAFLAKK mark refused registration

The Reykjavik District Court has upheld an opposition against the registration of the trademark TÍMAFLAKK based on Article 13 of the Trademarks Act.

20 July 2018

“E-commerce platforms make huge efforts to protect brands’ rights”: exclusive interview with Groupon’s Pablo Rodriguez

Pablo Amat Rodriguez talks to us about his IP work at e-commerce brand Groupon. He reveals how he meets the distinctive IP challenges the trademark department faces, working with law firms, and much more.

28 September 2018

The Empire strikes out: Disney, Marvel and LucasFilm lose summary judgment on trademark infringement claims

In Disney Enterprises Inc v Sarelli, a US district court has held that a company that copies trademarked characters, but does not confuse its customers regarding the source of its copies, is not liable for trademark infringement.

04 November 2018

A lawsuit is coming? – HBO nails PR response in trademark spat with Trump

After US President Donald Trump caused a stir on Twitter with a Game of Thrones reference, HBO's response was pitch-perfect in terms of avoiding controversy while deftly reminding people not to misuse its trademarks.