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15 March 2019

Beyoncé trademark battle, Saudi fees fall, and HP on Paraguay fakes approach: news digest

In our latest edition, we look at India taking a step towards aligning itself with the global trademark system, Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd prevailing in an infringement case, and much more.

14 March 2019

India’s upcoming data protection regime

India is on the cusp of enacting its first comprehensive legislation on data protection, a natural fallout of the nine-judge constitution bench of the Supreme Court recognising the right to privacy as a fundamental right in the historic judgment Justice KS Puttaswamy v Union of India (24 August 2017).

25 February 2019

The digital revolution and the future of India’s financial service brands

India's banks operate in one of the world's most active fintech markets. As fraudsters try to take advantage, financial companies must be ready to stop brand infringement.

23 November 2018

Victory for Louboutin as Delhi High Court clarifies responsibilities of online intermediaries

In Christian Louboutin SAS v Nakul, the Delhi High Court has ruled in favour of Louboutin, stating that the safe harbour protection under Section 79 of the Information Technology Act is not absolute.

17 April 2018

WHOIS access charges, NGOs take aim at watch list plans and INTA applauds ‘Brand India’: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at a registry’s plans to charge trademark owners for access to WHOIS data and  the war of words over plans for an IP markets watch list.

05 March 2018

India urged to clamp down on celebrity endorsements; opportunities arise for canny brands

​​​​​​​The Confederation of All India Traders has piled pressure on the Indian Government to pass a new Consumer Protection Bill which contains provisions designed to hold brand ambassadors liable for misleading endorsements.

01 January 2018

India: Indian courts respond to thriving online market

With a growing incentive for traders to migrate to online retail marketplaces, Indian courts face a new set of challenges from disputes involving e-commerce

02 November 2017

Territorial jurisdiction in the new interconnected world

The Delhi High Court was recently held to have jurisdiction to try a suit despite the defendants being based in the United Arab Emirates. As the defendant sold its goods and services through app stores and e-commerce portals, the court found that online sales are "virtually the same thing as a seller having shops in that place in the physical world”. This decision will help IP owners to take swift action against counterfeiters and infringers which exploit the anonymity of the Internet.

12 April 2017

Delhi High Court: eBay not obliged to screen all content hosted on its portal for infringement

In Kent RO Systems Ltd v Kotak, the Delhi High Court has held that an online intermediary is not obliged to screen all information hosted on its portal for infringement. The court disagreed with the plaintiff’s argument that eBay had an obligation under the Information Technology Act to observe due diligence in relation to potential infringements.

01 March 2017

India: Should domain names receive the same protection as trademarks?

There is still some dispute in India as to whether domain names should be protected in the same way as trademarks – particularly when it comes to common descriptive words and family names

07 February 2017

Walking the tightrope: harmonising trademark enforcement and bullying

Much as in the case of personal bullying, the stereotypical description of trademark bullying plays on the David and Goliath story. Under this narrative, several large yet well-intentioned corporations have suffered marketing nightmares.

31 October 2016

With India registering domains at a leading rate, counsel should reconsider their trademark strategies

There is plenty of evidence pointing to China’s growing role in the ownership and management of web domains, including in the context of new generic top-level domains. But recent analysis suggests that India is also upping its game when it comes to claiming online real estate – and trademark strategies will have to take this into account.

04 February 2016

Endless flotillas and safe harbours: perspectives on ISP and host liability

In cyberspace, intermediaries are commonly accused of contributory infringement. Cases involving internet service providers (ISPs) and hosts, including search engines and social media companies, are well documented. Jurisprudence on this issue varies globally.

10 December 2015

'' domain name cancelled based on registration for INTERNET in Class 34

In a significant decision, the division bench of the Delhi High Court has held that a registration for the mark INTERNET in Class 34 for tobacco-related products was sufficient to sustain an action for the cancellation of the domain name ‘’, which was proposed to be used for internet-related goods and services. Interestingly, the court did not seem to make a distinction between the business of registering domain names and cybersquatting.

13 July 2015

Raffles Hotel prevails in domain name dispute against Indian hotelier

In a domain dispute before the National Internet Exchange of India, international hotel chain Raffles has obtained the transfer of the domain name '' from an Indian hotelier. Among other things, the panellist found that Raffles was the prior user of the term ‘Raffles’, as it had been operating a property under the name Raffles Hotel in Singapore since 1887.