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09 October 2019

NBA crisis highlights the China conundrum for all brands

We speak with IP and PR experts on what brand owners must learn from the NBA's ongoing crisis in China, with one claiming that this is “the biggest trademark story of the year”.

18 March 2019

EUIPO calls for action as study finds fakes make up 3.3% of global trade

A new study from the EUIPO and the OECD has revealed the staggering rise in counterfeit goods being traded around the globe. In response, the executive director of the EUIPO has called for coordinated action.

12 March 2019

Alibaba reaches settlement, new Hong Kong IP director, and Swiss IP office issues fakes warning: news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the New Zealand IP office issuing a stark warning against misleading mislead invoices, $1.1 million worth of counterfeits stopped on Canada-US border, and much more.

05 September 2017

Time to revisit the two-year time bar in a ‘.cn’ complaint?

The China Dispute Resolution Policy governing the ‘.cn’ domain in China has a time bar which stipulates that no complaints concerning a ‘.cn’ registration over two years old will be accepted. The time bar has been criticised for imposing “unreasonable time limits” which prevent the fair and equitable enforcement of IP rights.

01 November 2016

Access denied: an international perspective on ISP blocking injunctions

While the UK Court of Appeal has opened the door for broadband ISP blocking to combat trademark or copyright-infringing activities, the picture in the United States, China and Hong Kong is more complex

29 July 2015

As counterfeit hawkers get younger and move to social media, Hong Kong Customs fights back with AI

People who sell fake goods online are no doubt aware that there is always a chance the interested shopper they are communicating with might be a law enforcement agent; but in Hong Kong, those potential customers might not even be humans at all. The Customs and Excise Department of the Special Administrative Region this week unveiled SocNet, a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to flag up suspicious vendors on social media sites - an anti-counterfeiting RoboCop of sorts.

17 March 2015

'.hk' domain name registry launches '.hk' Watch

HKIRC, the ‘.hk’ domain name registry, has announced the launch of ‘.hk’ Watch, a domain name monitoring service solely dedicated to the ‘.hk’ domain name space that aims to protect brand owners and their brands from abusive domain name registrations. According to HKIRC, ‘.hk’ Watch will alert brand owners to newly registered domain names which could "potentially confuse or mislead" internet users.

18 February 2014

'.hk' registry introduces '.hk' LOCK service

The registry responsible for running the ‘.hk’ namespace has announced the launch of ‘.hk’ LOCK, a new security service for domain name owners under ‘.hk’/‘.香港'. The service will provide domain name holders with the ability to lock the information relating to their domain names, thereby preventing any unauthorised changes and protecting their domain names from unauthorised seizure by cyber criminals.

09 March 2011

Domain name registrations under ‘.香港' to be launched

The Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited, which operates the ‘.hk’ ccTLD registry, is in the process of launching domain name registrations under ‘.香港' (‘.hongkong’). HKIRC is currently running a pre-launch priority registration period during which registrants of existing IDN registrations in the ‘.hk’ domain name extensions will be allocated the equivalent IDN registration under ‘.香港' free of charge.

03 October 2006

Soft launch period starts for Chinese '.hk' domain names

The soft launch period for the registration of Chinese language '.hk' country-code top-level domain names started on September 28. During a priority period expected to last until November 10, owners of Hong Kong trademarks containing one or more Chinese characters are entitled to apply for the Chinese language equivalents of the second-level '.hk' domain names: '', '', '', '', '' and ''.

22 March 2006

Huge battle ahead to stop auction sales of counterfeit goods

The sale of counterfeit goods on auction websites is now one of the most pressing issues faced by trademark owners trying to prevent infringement of their marks on the Internet. A case in Hong Kong, which has seen the arrest of a local housewife, highlights that the danger can come from the most unexpected of places.

30 September 2005

Chinese Domain Name Technical Trial launched

Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited, the organization responsible for the registration of '.hk' country-code top-level domains for Hong Kong, has launched the '.hk' Chinese Domain Name Technical Trial. The trial, which allows applicants to register Chinese characters as domain names, will last until December 29 2005.

13 October 2004

Arbitration centre appointed to handle '.pw' disputes

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre has been appointed the exclusive provider of dispute resolution services for the top-level domain '.pw', which is aimed at individuals and communities with shared interests. Disputes relating to the TLD will be document-based, with hearings held only in exceptional cases.

22 January 2004

Soft launch period for '.hk' 2LDs starts next week

The soft launch period for registering domain names directly under the '.hk' country-code top-level domain will start on January 26 at 12:00pm. The soft launch period comprises a priority registration period, a pre-registration period and a sunrise period. The official launch of second-level '.hk' domain names will be on May 31.

16 January 2004

CIETAC confirms commitment to protection of well-known marks

The China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission has proved its commitment to the protection of well-known international marks by ordering the transfer of the domain names '', '', '' and '' to the owners of the JOCKEY, PHILIPPE CHARRIOL and BLOOMBERG marks respectively.