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21 August 2019

From Jumia to Ozon: the regional e-commerce sites that rights holders need to be policing

Outside of North America and China, new ecommerce marketplaces are springing up at an increasing rate. As these regional platforms grow, infringers have swarmed to them in response to the global platforms’ growing anti-counterfeiting efforts.

09 May 2018

New Trademark Bill catches Nigerian stakeholders off guard

In a move that came as a surprise to most stakeholders, Nigeria’s National Assembly Senate Committee on Trade and Investment has held a public hearing for Bill SB 357, which would repeal the current Trademark Act.

19 February 2018

'.ng' registrations on the up, but government agency urges cyber patriotism

The National Information Technology Development Agency has called upon government and private sector organisations to use Nigerian data centres, arguing that it would facilitate "reductions in cost and capital flight".

15 December 2017

Trump's USPTO nominee confirmed, victory for Louboutin, and significant changes at Nigerian IP registry: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we report why Louboutin's red sole mark was declared ‘well known’ in India, upcoming changes at Nigeria’s trademark registry, and much more.

15 July 2016

Online trademark infringement - a criminal offence

Trademark owners have a new defence mechanism available to them in the fight against online infringement and counterfeiting in Nigeria. The Cybercrime Act 2015 deals with a range of cyber issues, including cybersquatting.

25 November 2015

New Cybercrime Act: impact for trademark owners

The new Cybercrime Act has recently been signed into law. Section 25 of the act, which concerns cybersquatting, seems to be quite advantageous to IP rights owners. Pursuant to this section, domain names deriving from registered trademarks are protected, and the infringement of rights tied to these domain names is punishable under the law.

14 June 2010

Premium domain names released

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association, the registry responsible for the '.ng' country-code top-level domain, has announced the release of third-level '' premium domain names. The list of premium domain names consists primarily of generic words. The aim is to "quickly populate the '.ng' registry and to make it affordable".

16 March 2009

New policy for registration of '.ng' domain names to be launched

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association, the registry responsible for the '.ng' country-code top-level domain, has introduced a new policy for the registration of '.ng' domain names. Under the new policy, the owner of a trademark which is registered under the Trademarks Law will be eligible to apply for the registration of a '.ng' domain name, whether or not it can demonstrate a business presence in Nigeria.

25 February 2008

Agreement reached on regulation of '.ng' ccTLD

The National Information Technology Development Agency has entered into an agreement with the Nigerian Internet Registration Association to regulate '.ng', Nigeria's country-code top-level domain. It is hoped that this development will help trademark owners to protect their rights.

18 October 2007

Federal High Court has jurisdiction over passing off claim

In Omnia Nigeria Limited v Dyktrade Limited, the Supreme Court has gone against its own ruling in Ayman v Akuma and held that the Federal High Court has jurisdiction to hear and determine a claim of passing off arising from the infringement of an unregistered trademark. Although the conclusion of the court was desirable, the decision is unlikely to have settled the controversy surrounding this issue as the rationale may be faulty.