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05 June 2019

Success for footwear company Bata as Delhi High Court confirms that POWER mark is well known

In Bata India Limited v Chawla Boot House, the Delhi High Court has recognised that Bata India Ltd’s trademark POWER is well known in India, and restrained the defendant from using the word ‘power’ in respect of footwear and related products.

23 May 2019

Bombay High Court quotes Mahatma Gandhi in yet another decision imposing heavy costs on infringers

In Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation v Jain, the Bombay High Court has decided to make an example of the defendants and imposed hefty costs of Rs50 million.

20 May 2019

Licensor prevails in dispute over use of brand name post-termination

A recent case in India has addressed the question of whether a licensee can claim rights in a licensed mark when faced with the termination of the licence agreement.

14 May 2019

Procedures and strategies for anti-counterfeiting: India

The Penal Code sets out punishments for cheating, counterfeiting and possession of instruments for making counterfeits, among other things. The code’s provisions can be invoked in criminal actions, in addition to the provisions of specific statutes.

13 May 2019

Delhi High Court directs drug authorities to regulate misuse of similar brand names

The decision of the Delhi High Court in Curewell Drugs & Pharmaceuticals v Ridley Life Science creates a strict action plan from the moment that a drug and its packaging are created.

16 April 2019

Success for New Balance as court prevents Apex Shoe Company from using NEW BALANCE mark

In a dispute between New Balance Athletics Inc and Apex Shoe Company Pvt Ltd, the Delhi High Court has ruled in favour of New Balance and issued a permanent injunction preventing Apex from using the mark NEW BALANCE.

28 February 2019

Delhi High Court imposes substantial punitive damages on habitual infringers

In Whatman International Limited v Mehta, the Delhi High Court has taken a stern stance against habitual infringers. The decision shows that the Indian courts are increasingly adopting a zero-tolerance policy in such cases.

25 February 2019

The digital revolution and the future of India’s financial service brands

India's banks operate in one of the world's most active fintech markets. As fraudsters try to take advantage, financial companies must be ready to stop brand infringement.

08 February 2019

Delhi High Court: ‘book my’ is descriptive and generic English term

The Delhi High Court has dismissed an application by Bigtree Entertainment – owner of the mark BOOKMYSHOW – for an injunction restraining the defendants from using the mark BOOKMYEVENT.

28 January 2019

Litigation procedures and strategies: India

In 2015 the Indian legislature passed a new act – the Commercial Courts Act – which came into effect in January 2016, with the objective of streamlining and expediting commercial lawsuits, including IP disputes. 

21 January 2019

Composite suit for design infringement and passing off is maintainable, holds Special Bench of Delhi High Court

Overruling an earlier decision of the Full Bench in a similar case, a Special Bench of the Delhi High Court has held in Carlsberg Breweries v Som Distilleries that a composite suit for design infringement and passing off may be maintained.

16 January 2019

Blow for Horlicks as Delhi High Court rules in favour of Heinz in comparative advertising case  

The Delhi High Court has dismissed Horlicks’ application for an interim injunction against Heinz India, holding that an advertiser is allowed to make a comparison with other products as long as such comparison is true.

07 January 2019

Protecting and enforcing design rights: India

While the Indian Patent Office has four branches (in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai), there is only one branch of the Design Office, which is found in Kolkata.

13 December 2018

“Sometimes you need a firm that will shoot from the hip”: insights from 7-Eleven’s Allison McDade

In an exclusive interview, Allison McDade shared her approach to tackling imitation convenience stores in Asia and explained the challenges stemming from the company’s expansion.

23 November 2018

Victory for Louboutin as Delhi High Court clarifies responsibilities of online intermediaries

In Christian Louboutin SAS v Nakul, the Delhi High Court has ruled in favour of Louboutin, stating that the safe harbour protection under Section 79 of the Information Technology Act is not absolute.