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08 August 2019

“Great news for the IP community” – US government authorises trademark protection in Venezuela

A General Licence has been issued by the US government that explicitly authorises the protection of all intellectual property in Venezuela. The move follows significant challenges for US companies seeking to protect their brands in the country.

13 May 2019

“Unusual and very risky” – warning to brands as Venezuelan IP office launches cash payments of fees

The Venezuelan IP Office has introduced a new payment method involving paying cash deposits at a specific bank branch. Experts describe the process as complicated and have warned of significant risks.

05 March 2019

What brand owners need to know about the serious trademark issues and risks in Venezuela

In this exclusive guest post, experts from Venezuelan firm Antequera expand on recent “major setbacks” for international brand owners seeking IP protection in the Latin American country.

15 February 2019

Venezuela trademark warning, IP Australia chatbot success, and triumph for Butlers in the Buff: news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a new online service launched by the Swedish IP Office, the Babybel wax-coating trademark being invalidated, scammers filing “fake trademarks” to hijack Instagram accounts, and much more.

15 March 2018

“A situation of uncertainty” – fees debacle at Venezuelan IP office leaves brand owners “in limbo”

​​​​​​​The Venezuelan Patent and Trademark Office has suspended payment of official fees by foreign applicants for the foreseeable future. The situation has been described by one local attorney on the ground as “lacking legal basis” and leaving IP owners “in limbo”.

01 July 2017

Pharmaceutical brands in the Americas: practical strategies for a fast-moving sector

Experts from Canada, the United States and Venezuela discuss cutting-edge strategies for the creation, protection and exploitation of brands in the pharmaceutical industry

29 March 2017

Trademark procedures and strategies: Venezuela

In Venezuela, exclusive trademark rights are granted only by registration according to the Industrial Property Law. However, the owners of unregistered trademarks may be able to prevent the registration of marks by filing an opposition to the application.

10 November 2015

Edenred's ownership of CESTATICKET mark compromised by new law

A new law called the "Law on Socialist Cestatickets for Workers”, which concerns food benefits for employees, has set an ominous precedent for the trademark system in Venezuela by using a registered trademark as a generic term, thereby forcing all the competitors of the trademark owner to use that mark.

21 October 2011

New Sports Law will have negative impact on commercial sponsorships

The new Venezuelan Sports Law, which is intended to regulate sponsorship within the Venezuelan sports industry, is expected to have a negative impact on that industry. Problematically, until the implementing regulation is passed, there is a legal void as to what local or foreign companies willing to sponsor athletes should do.

25 June 2010

Commercial advertising prohibited in cultural locations

A resolution of the Ministry of Culture prohibiting all advertising and commercial propaganda, or any form of communication that might be perceived as such, at institutions or entities affiliated to the ministry, has been published in the Official Gazette. Lack of compliance with the resolution will result, when necessary, in administrative and/or disciplinary penalties.

14 April 2003

New exchange controls affect trademark licences

The Exchange Administration Commission has stated that local companies that must acquire foreign exchange to comply with their licence obligations should provide proof that their licence agreements have been duly registered. This announcement was made in response to the government's new exchange controls prohibiting the sale of foreign currency.