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07 January 2009

Internet issues

No keyword advertising case has reached the Canadian courts yet.

However, a decision on ‘use requirements’ and various metatags decisions give indications of how the courts may approach keyword advertising cases

05 January 2011

Internet issues (other than domain names)

For example, companies can purchase and use a competitor’s trademark as a ‘keyword’, and then use these keywords to trigger internet advertising for their own products and services.

19 March 2007

The view onlineKeying in on potential liability

The widespread practice of ‘keying’ (ie, selling keywords to advertisers) raises trademark liability issues that remain unresolved in most countries

03 January 2013

Internet issues (other than domain names)

Trademark owners which believe that keyword advertising is causing them damage will face a number of hurdles if they opt for litigation

02 September 2013

Enforcement and litigation

Enforcement of trademark rights online remains a challenge and advertisers would be well advised to observe the limits established on the use of keywords by Germany’s Federal Court of Justice

09 November 2007


The US courts have yet to come to an agreement as to the legality of practices such as keyword advertising

07 July 2010

A web of confusion: AdWords clarity still needed

At first glance, the recent ECJ decision on Google keywords clarifies the European position, but dig deeper and uncertainty remains – mirroring the position in the United States.

10 March 2008

The view onlineOnline contributory liability and keying issues keep US courts busy

A New York federal court is considering the issue of contributory trademark infringement online while another US court revisits the issue of keyword advertising

18 April 2013

Google updates AdWords trademark policy

Google has revised its AdWords trademark policy to lift a restriction on using trademarks as keywords in a number of countries.

Starting April 23 2013, it will no longer prevent advertisers from selecting third-party trademarks as a keyword in advertisements targeting Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand

07 January 2009

Internet issues

Keyword advertising, gripe sites and phishing can all infringe IP rights.

28 October 2010

Is Google’s European confidence misplaced?

On the back of recent ECJ decisions, Google has implemented a number of changes to its keyword advertising system.

19 April 2012

Defining the European trademark landscape

Last year was a busy one for the Court of Justice of the European Union, with online intermediary liability, the use of advertising keywords and the role of customs author ities in relation to counterfeit

20 March 2007

The view onlineKeying under French law

Some internet business models, such as the use of trademarks in keyword advertising, collide with the law of certain jurisdictions.

18 May 2004

Google declines liability of unauthorized trademark use in new policy

its Trademark Complaint Procedure to allow US and Canadian advertisers to purchase the right to have their advertisements appear in search results following search queries containing certain keywords

, even if these keywords are trademarks owned by other parties.

08 November 2012

Counsel will need to spare 178 years to check just one day’s worth of AdWords for infringement

Last week, WTR reported on the landmark settlement that ended the long-running keyword dispute between Google and Rosetta Stone.

Research released in the week leading up to the settlement underlines the value that keywords create for Google – and the challenge of mind-boggling proportions that they pose for trademark counsel.