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15 March 2011

WIPO to examine trademarks on the internet

Other topics tabled for discussion include use of trademarks as keywords on search engines and use of trademarks in virtual worlds and social media.

01 December 2014

Supreme Court issues landmark decision on parallel imports

The court also addressed other important concepts, such as dilution and use of another’s trademark in domain names and as keywords.

04 December 2013

Could latest trademark battle put AdWord disputes back on the litigation agenda?

Following the Interflora ruling earlier this year, the issue of keyword use remains a live topic in the UK courts.

06 January 2014

Top 10 trademark stories for December 2013

Following last year’s Interflora ruling, the issue of keyword use remains a live topic in the UK courts.

28 January 2005

Google wins partial victory in GEICO keying case

In response to Google's motion for a judgment on partial findings, the court ruled that GEICO had not presented sufficient evidence that Google's sale of GEICO's trademarks as keywords, triggering

06 March 2007

'.asia' registration procedures unveiled

Thus, the '.asia' sunrise period will include, among other things, application deadlines for qualifying trademarks and the ability to register keywords with the trademark.

20 April 2010

Accommodation website held to infringe trademarks of hotel group

court restrained Tailly from using 'Circle on Cavill' and 'Mantra' as a trademark in the advertising, promotion or supply of accommodation, including as part of a domain name, metatag, search engine keyword

03 September 2012

Interflora - a further move towards tighter control of witness gathering exercises?

Inc v Marks and Spencer Plc, as part of the case management process in a wider action concerning the alleged infringement of two of Interflora’s trademarks through Marks & Spencer’s use of several keywords

25 September 2006

Use of marks to generate sponsored links not infringing

registered trademarks by way of Google Israel Ltd's AdWords program, which allows parties to place sponsored links on the Google search results page when internet users make searches using certain keywords

11 June 2008

No infringement for use of competitor's trademarks in metatags

Among other things, the court held that keyword metatags are no longer used by modern search engines and, consequently, do not influence search results.

11 September 2006

Google loses keying case

The Paris Court of Appeal has affirmed a decision which found that Google France and Google Inc's practice of selling particular terms as triggers for so-called 'sponsored' advertisements (a practice known as 'keying') amounted to infringement of Louis Vuitton Malletier's trademarks. This decision confirms French case law on keying.

22 July 2008

American Airlines and Google settle AdWords dispute

Google Inc and American Airlines settled their dispute over the search engine's controversial AdWords programme late last week. The terms of the settlement are confidential, but early indications suggest that Google has made no major concessions. The decision to settle is perhaps something of a surprise, as American Airlines had previously indicated that it had the desire and resources to pursue the case all the way.

18 March 2005

Google suffers third defeat in French keying case

In Louis Vuitton Malletier SA v Google Inc, the Paris Court of First Instance has confirmed the tendency of French courts to favour trademark owners against internet search engines that provide paid placement services. The court prohibited Google Inc and Google France from using Louis Vuitton Malletier SA's trademarks on their websites. This is Google's third defeat in France in a keying case.

01 May 2017

New decision highlights legal risks surrounding AdWords in Brazil

A recent decision on Google AdWords represents a paradigm shift in court thinking and sounds alarm bells for both advertisers and search engines doing business in Brazil

06 June 2008

Supreme Court refers questions on keying to ECJ

In Google France v Louis Vuitton Malletier, the French Supreme Court has referred questions to the ECJ for a preliminary ruling in a case involving the practice known as ‘keying’. The decision of the ECJ could have a significant impact on the strategies of trademark owners in keying cases.