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07 September 2010

Google investigation must consider trademarks and AdWords

The news that Google is being investigated on antitrust concerns is perhaps not surprising, but the fact that regulators may study Google's keywords policies certainly is.

22 September 2011

ECJ’s Interflora ruling: Google the real winner?

The ECJ has given its ruling in Interflora v Marks & Spencer, the latest in a series of decisions on the issue of keyword advertising.

22 January 2004

Google responsible for infringing sponsored link, court rules

Regional Court of Hamburg has granted an interim injunction prohibiting Google from displaying a sponsored link for the domain name '' in the result page for a search with the keyword

04 October 2011

Watchdog wins against advertiser but loses against Google

Commission v Trading Post Australia Pty Ltd, the Federal Court has held that Trading Post had engaged in misleading conduct by causing Google to publish advertisements in response to searches of the keyword

28 February 2013

Google not liable for misleading and deceptive advertisements

i>, the High Court has held that Google did not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct merely by publishing misleading search results that were generated by an advertiser’s wrongful use of certain keywords

10 May 2004

Search engines bite back but online ads action continues

The complaint arose as a result of these companies' policy of allowing 'keying', whereby advertisers can place ads on their search results pages when registered keywords are used in a search query

08 May 2014

Top 10 legal updates for April

The most-read Premium Update, available exclusively to WTR subscribers, in April centred on an opinion on unregistered designs by the advocate general, with analysis of decisions tackling keywords

29 May 2008

Google facing challenge to new AdWords policy

Google is under fire from brand owners following its decision to amend its policy on keyword advertising in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

05 August 2010

Google bulldozes through trademarks in Europe (thanks to the ECJ)

Now we know the answer is a firm no - Google has announced it will expand its trademark policy in Europe, allowing advertisers to use trademark terms as keywords.

03 March 2006

Keying and metatag use of DOUWE EGBERTS mark allowed

A district court has ruled that a distributor of Douwe Egberts branded coffee products was not infringing Douwe Egberts's rights by using the DOUWE EGBERTS mark (i) as a keyword to trigger advertisements

28 May 2009

Oasis causes its own downfall in '' dispute

The panel found that by choosing to use as keywords with Yahoo!

22 May 2009

EMAILING mark cancelled for being generic

Moreover, the court held that the fact that the defendant had requested that Google Inc prevent third parties from reserving the term 'emailing' as a keyword constituted unfair competition.

03 April 2009

Supreme Court rules in three landmark keying cases

After years of uncertainty as to whether use of a competitor’s trademark or company name as a keyword in Google's AdWords system constitutes trademark infringement, the Federal Supreme Court has considered

24 September 2015

SAIC tightens its grip on online advertising in newest draft measures

Among other things, the prohibition on using third-party trademarks and trade names as keywords should be welcomed by trademark owners.

21 September 2012

Geolocation, geolocation, geolocation - focus your Google goggles on future brand challenges

For trademark counsel already monitoring computer screens for keyword search results on a daily basis, the prospect of highly-targeted advertising that changes street by street in the physical world is