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01 February 2016

Star Wars deal propels Disney to top of the ‘most powerful brands’ list

Walt Disney has supplanted Lego as the world’s most powerful brand, according to the Brand Finance Global 500 2016. Acquisition activity has played a key role, with Marvel and Lucasfilm properties propelling the Walt Disney brand up the brand strength league table.

11 April 2018

How the legal profession underutilises paralegals: exclusive interview with Deborah Hampton of Chemours

In the latest of our interview series with leading in-house counsel, The Chemours Company’s Deborah Hampton reflects on how paralegals are often underestimated and her approach to protecting the company’s global brand.

23 March 2017

Delhi District Court: no confusion between IKEA and AIKYA GLOBAL

Furniture giant Ikea has suffered a setback in its legal battle against Aikya Global, which provides professional consultancy services and event, media and communication services. Ikea alleged that the adoption and use of the AIKYA mark amounted to unfair competition, trademark infringement and passing off. However, the Delhi District Court ruled in favour of Aikya Global, finding that the parties’ marks and services were not similar.

05 October 2016

3D marks in the EU under threat? The potential effects of the Rubik’s Cube trademark case

Episode 15: We focus on a dispute surrounding the protection of the Rubik’s Cube shape as a 3D trademark, and the potential implications should that mark be struck down.

12 July 2018

Can ear plugs tune out colour? Bright green colour for ear plugs not functional

In a case involving competing producers of foam ear plugs, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has held that there remained a dispute of material fact as to whether the bright green colour is functional for ear plugs.

09 October 2018

Supreme Court: trademarks must be assessed as a whole

In a significant decision, the Chilean Supreme Court has reversed a decision of the Court of Appeal in Industrial Property Cases in which the latter had rejected an opposition against the registration of the mark CALLY based on the earlier mark CALLIA.

10 October 2018

Honey Badger don’t give a summary judgment

The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has reversed the district court’s grant of summary judgment in favour of the defendant greeting card companies in a dispute over the trademark HONEY BADGER DON'T CARE stemming from a 2011 viral video and internet meme titled “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger”.

14 September 2018

<strong>Saudi Arabia to adopt plain packaging, T-ara resolve trademark dispute, and ICANN needs your feedback on RPMs: news round-up</strong>

In our latest round-up, we look at the US brands with the most loyal customers, 7-Eleven taking a menswear brand to court for alleged trademark infringement, and much more.

15 September 2018

Social media buy-and-sell groups to be targeted in anti-counterfeiting initiative backed by UK government

A new programme has been developed in the UK to create greater awareness amongst the administrators of 'buy-and-sell' social media groups about their legal responsibility to prevent the promotion and sale of counterfeit goods.

19 September 2018

Eurasian Economic Commission updates recommendations on inclusion of licence fees in customs value of imported goods

The Eurasian Economic Commission has updated the recommendations of the Eurasian Economic Union on the treatment of licence fees for the purpose of customs valuation on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

03 September 2018

<strong>Plain packaging in India moves closer following Supreme Court decision and upcoming amendments</strong>

In the coming days, new governmental amendment rules in India are set to take effect that, according to one expert, suggest that a move towards full plain packaging in the country is only a matter of time.

18 October 2018

“Leveraging the law is not the whole solution”: interview with Philip Morris’ Herman Cheung

In an exclusive interview, the tobacco giant's Manager of Illicit Trade Prevention talks to WTR about the importance of anti-counterfeiting efforts as the company transitions to a smoke-free future.

26 October 2018

“Avoid the perception of requests falling into a black hole”: how to build an effective relationship with marketing

In exclusive insight published on WTR, in-house experts from Pure Storage Inc have laid out a blueprint for how to encourage buy-in and build a fruitful relationship with marketing colleagues.

20 November 2018

“Whatever Brexit looks like, it’s going to cost businesses money”: exclusive interview with Antony Douglass of Specsavers

Antony Douglass, legal director at Specsavers, sits down with WTR to explain the benefits of in-sourced portfolio management, reflects on Brexit, restricted WHOIS, and much more.

08 January 2019

Sweden allows hologram marks, plain packaging design gets thumbs up, and Dyson fakes seized: news digest

In our latest news digest, we look at the US Supreme Court confirming that it will rule on scandalous trademarks, a retailer called Pooey Puitton going up against Louis Vuitton, IP Australia joining TMclass, and much more.