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23 February 2018

“We’re running out of good trademarks” – groundbreaking study reveals 81% of common words are registered marks

A new study finds that most common words are already registered as single-word trademarks at the USPTO. The paper's author describes the finding as "disturbing".

20 February 2018

Pushing the boundaries – identifying the world’s most innovative IP offices

In a new multi-part series, World Trademark Review identifies the IP offices leading the way in offering innovative non-core tools and services – and the registries trailing behind.

14 February 2018

“A steep uphill battle”: experts pessimistic over USPTO bid for U-turn on scandalous marks

The USPTO has filed a petition for a rehearing en banc in In re: Brunetti, an effort to maintain a ban on scandalous marks. Legal experts are sceptical about the move, telling us that the government faces an “uphill battle” to reverse the Federal Circuit’s ruling.

13 February 2018

Federal Circuit bleeps Lanham Act ban on immoral or scandalous marks

In In re: Brunetti, the Federal Circuit has reversed the TTAB's finding that the mark FUCT as used in connection with various apparel items was unregistrable under Section 2(a) of the Lanham Act.

08 February 2018

Tactics of a trademark scam: GloTrade offers clues on the strategy of solicitation campaigns

​​​​​​​A recently launched trademark solicitation campaign is offering to publish trademark registrations in a “private database” for up to $2,800. We investigate the tactics it uses, and share further calls to tackle misleading invoices.

06 February 2018

US Senate confirms Iancu, Zimbabwe targets fakes and brands oppose Conor McGregor: news round-up

In our latest news round-up we look at how the Zimbabwe government is pledging to tackle counterfeit goods, the brands being accused of using “underhand tricks” to fool consumers, and much more.

02 February 2018

New York court issues decision in bottle dispute

In Can’t Live Without It LLC v ETS Express Inc, a federal court has granted a partial summary judgment in a trade dress infringement and unfair competition case involving an alleged knock-off bottle.

01 February 2018

TTAB grants motion for summary judgment as to fraud counterclaim

In Kastle Systems v Lee Strategy Group, the TTAB has granted the opponent’s motion for summary judgment, dismissing the applicant's fraud counterclaim.

30 January 2018

LegalForce calls on USPTO to tackle Chinese firms “practicing illegally” – allegations and threats revealed

Raj Abhyanker, founder and shareholder in LegalForce RAPC Worldwide and Trademarkia, has sent a grievance complaint to the USPTO centred on Chinese IP law firms “practicing illegally” in the United States.

23 January 2018

TTAB's TRAILERSHARE decision shows that proper trademark use still matters

IThe TTAB has affirmed the USPTO’s refusal to register five TRAILERSHARE-formative marks for rental services of trucks and trailers on the ground that the marks were merely descriptive.

18 January 2018

Chinese government questions “objectivity and credibility” of USTR’s Notorious Markets List

The Chinese government's Commerce Ministry has claimed the USTR's latest report lacks “solid evidence” to include the nine Chinese marketplaces accused of engaging in rampant IP infringement.

17 January 2018

Alibaba on the offensive: warns brands not to trust Notorious Markets List, undecided on future cooperation

​​​​​​​Alibaba Group continues to talk tough in the wake of Taobao remaining on the USTR's latest Notorious Markets List, now suggesting that brand owners should no longer trust the report.

12 January 2018

Alibaba labels itself a “scapegoat” as Taobao remains on USTR's Notorious Markets List

​​​​​​​The Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) has released the latest edition of its annual Review of Notorious Markets. The re-admission of Taobao to the list has spurred owner Alibaba Group to label itself a "scapegoat".

12 January 2018

TTAB cancels TAO VODKA registration

In Tao Licensing, LLC v Bender Consulting Ltd d/b/a Asian Pacific Beverages the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has granted a petition to cancel a registration for the mark for the mark TAO VODKA for “alcoholic beverages except beer”

11 January 2018

USPTO pledges to hire “substantial number” of examiners following record year of trademark activity

New figures show that the US Trademark and Patent Office received over 440,000 new trademark applications in 2017, a rise of more than 13% year on year.