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03 November 2003

Criminal proceedings halted by revocation action

In Polykwan Trading Co v BlueStar Exchange (Singapore) Pte Ltd, the Magistrates' Court has allowed the defendant's application to stay criminal proceedings pending the outcome of its action to revoke the trademark at the centre of the criminal prosecution. The case highlights the potential complications faced by trademark owners when initiating criminal proceedings against a suspected infringer.

30 October 2003

Singapore's IP-licensing industry receives boost

Singapore's fledgling intellectual property licensing industry has been boosted by the decision of the Singapore International Franchise Association (now known as the Franchising and Licensing Association) to enlarge its scope to include the licensing of brands and technology.

25 September 2003

Singapore registry specifies conditions for colour mark registration

The Singapore registry has issued new practice directions regarding trademarks that (i) consist of colours only, and (ii) include colours as a component. While in the first case colours must be capable of distinguishing the goods or services to which they apply, it is the capacity to distinguish of the mark as a whole that prevails in the second case.

24 March 2003

Registration of '.sg' as a trademark abandoned

The Singapore Network Information Centre, the registry for the '.sg' domain space, has decided to abandon its application to register '.sg' as a trademark. This decision is welcomed by critics of the registration who feared that the government was seeking to strengthen its control over the country-code top-level domain.