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22 September 2003

APALTA is an appellation of origin not a trademark, rules panellist

In Jose Rybertt y Cia Ltda v Montes SA, NIC Chile panellist Luis Felipe Claro Swinburn has dismissed Montes SA's opposition to the registration of ''. Claro Swinburn held that although Montes owns the FINCA DE APALTA mark, it was using it as an appellation of origin, which merely indicates that its wine is produced in the Apalta Valley in Chile.

29 July 2003

DONDE mark owner wins '' dispute

In Cafre SA v Informática para Profesionales SRL the Second Chamber of the Federal Civil and Commercial Court of Appeals has upheld a decision to cancel the defendant's registration of ''. The court held that even in the absence of evidence of bad faith, the defendant's registration prevented the plaintiff - the owner of the DONDE mark - from registering the domain name for its own use.

29 May 2003

NIC Chile appoints new arbitrators to meet '.cl' dispute demand

NIC Chile, the body responsible for administering the country-code top-level domain '.cl', has chosen five new arbitrators to join 21 others currently offering domain name dispute resolution services. The appointments reflect the growing popularity of NIC Chile's arbitration system.

02 May 2003

Nintendo still a winner following amendment to '' decision

In Aguilar v Distribuidora de Impresos y Artes Gráficas Ltda, a NIC Chile panellist has amended her earlier decision ordering the transfer of '' to a third party - Nintendo. NIC Chile requested the amendment because Nintendo had failed to file a formal opposition to the registration. Nevertheless, the panellist refused to order the transfer of the domain name to either Aguilar or Artes Gráficas.

03 December 2002

America Online wins '' domain name dispute

In Comercial Raymarket Limitada v America Online Inc, the Court of Appeals of Santiago has affirmed the decision given by an arbitrator under the NIC Chile arbitration and dispute resolution system ordering the cancellation of the domain name ''.

30 August 2002

Ministry resolves struggle for '.co'

The Ministry of Communications has issued a resolution that entitles the government to retain control of the country-code top-level domain and ends the debate about whether '.co' may be commercialized as an alternative to '.com'.

07 May 2002

Domain name body lifts registration limit

The Research Support Foundation of the State of São Paulo - the entity responsible for the registration of domain names in Brazil - has issued new rules. Companies and individuals are now free to register as many third-level domain names as they like.

28 February 2002

'.co' indicates Colombia, not company, says government

Following the Andes University's threat to auction off administration of Colombia's country-code top-level domain, the Council of State has determined that '.co' is a public asset, so the Ministry of Communications is the competent authority to regulate its administration.

25 October 2001

American Airlines wins significant squatting dispute

American Airlines recently recovered two domain names containing its trademarks even though Brazil has not yet become a party to any dispute resolution treaties and the legislature has not yet issued guidelines on what constitutes 'bad faith' registration.

15 October 2001

Andean Community deals with domain issues

Two members of the Andean Community (Colombia and Peru) are dealing with important internet-related issues - the resolution of domain name disputes and the management of country-code domains. The outcomes are expected to impact on the community as a whole.

28 August 2001

AOL recovers domain name in Brazil

After a three-year dispute, the US-based ISP America Online Inc has won the right to use the domain name ''. AOL brought a claim against America On Line Telecomunicações Ltda, a local provider, that had registered the domain name in 1997.

03 July 2001

Colombia could pose challenge to the '.com' web address

A university in Colombia may turn the country's internet code, '.co', into a generic domain. The university is inviting bids from companies that would market the domain name internationally as an alternative to '.com', '.net' and others.