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26 October 2005

The challenges of '.eu'

With the launch of the sunrise period for the '.eu' domain now only a few weeks away, David Taylor of Lovells in Paris looks at how the '.eu' domain came to be, what its potential is and the challenges posed by the sunrise period and application procedure. In a second article to be published soon, he will look at the alternative dispute resolution policy for '.eu'.

14 October 2005

'.eu' sunrise period launch announced

EURid, the official registry for the '.eu' domain, has at last announced the date for the launch of the sunrise period for '.eu' domains: December 7 2005. The sunrise period, giving holders of prior rights the opportunity to register first, will last for four months and take place in two phases, each lasting for two months. Open registrations on a first come, first served basis will begin on April 7 2006.

09 September 2005

'.eu' domain already a success with registrars

EURid, the official registry operator for the '.eu' domain, has already accredited close to 400 registrars for the '.eu' domain. Domain name applicants may approach accredited registrars to pre-register '.eu' domain names. However, this will not guarantee that a chosen name is obtained. Registration will begin during the sunrise period, scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2005, for prior rights holders.

27 May 2005

'.eu' alternative dispute resolution provider appointed

EURid has appointed the Czech Arbitration Court to provide alternative resolution for '.eu' domain name disputes. The court already provides such services for '.cz' domain name disputes. However, '.eu' alternative dispute resolution services will potentially have to be provided in any one of the 20 official languages of the European Union, which will no doubt prove to be a challenge.

25 April 2005

ICANN approves '.eu' TLD agreement with EURid

The long-awaited launch of the forthcoming '.eu' top-level domain has come one step closer following the approval last month of an agreement between the board of ICANN, the body responsible for managing the domain names system on the Internet, and the European Registry of Internet Domain Names.

10 December 2004

'.eu' TLD closer to reality

The European Commission and EURid, the manager of the '.eu' top-level domain, have at last agreed on and signed the service concession contract to operate the '.eu' registry. The only remaining hurdles before the sunrise period can be launched seem to be the signature of a formal contract with ICANN and the accreditation of registrars. The sunrise period is now expected to start next Spring.

10 June 2004

PPR clear way for implementation of '.eu' TLD

The European Commission has at last published the Public Policy Rules relating to the '.eu' top-level domain. The rules specify that owners of trademarks, company names, registered geographical indications and other protected signs will be eligible for preferential registration. The first phase of the sunrise period has been tentatively set to start in December 2004.

18 March 2004

'.eu' TLD launch delayed - again

The launch of the long-awaited '.eu' TLD has been delayed again, this time until at least the first quarter of 2005. The TLD was expected to be launched in November, but EURid - the '.eu' TLD manager - cannot sign a formal contract with the European Commission or accredit registrars until the commission has approved the public policy rules that will apply to the TLD.

17 February 2004

'.eu' TLD set to go live in November

Almost four years after the first steps towards the implementation of a new '.eu' TLD for the European Union were taken, the manager of the '.eu' TLD - EURid - has announced that '.eu' domain names will be available for public registration and use in November 2004. A sunrise period to allow trademark holders to register their marks will launch in September 2004.

08 October 2003

'.eu' registry warns businesses to steer clear of unaccredited registrars

EURid, the manager of the future '.eu' top-level domain, has warned businesses to avoid registering domain names with firms offering pre-registrations in the '.eu' TLD. Although the registration process is set to start by the end of this year - beginning with a sunrise period for trademark owners - EURid has yet to specify a launch date.

08 November 2002

Commission looks '.name' gift registrations in the mouth

The European Commission has indicated that the eligibility rules governing the registration of '.name' domain names are consistent with the EU Data Protection Directive only when individuals are given sufficient control over the registration and use of their name as a domain name.

09 October 2002

Call goes out for interest in '.eu' domain registry

The European Commission has issued a call for expressions of interest in running the '.eu' domain registry, to be received by October 25. The '.eu' Top-Level Domain Regulation sets out the registry's duties and lists a series of selection criteria that will be applied.

10 June 2002

'.eu' regulation published, but who's in charge?

EU ministers have published the regulation that establishes '.eu' as a new top-level domain, in the hope that a pan-European address will stimulate e-commerce in Europe. As part of the next phase - implementation - the European Commission will advertise for interested parties to apply to run the domain.

11 March 2002

European Parliament gives '.eu' the go-ahead

The European Parliament has approved the creation of the '.eu' top-level domain. The European Commission had previously published its Common Position on February 19, which was adopted by the European Council with a view to adopting a regulation which, when passed, will have direct effect throughout the European Union.