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31 August 2016

Storied IP law firm Kenyon & Kenyon to dissolve but don’t write off the boutique model just yet

On Monday, Andrews Kurth, an international business law firm, announced that it had entered into an agreement that will allow it to bolster its intellectual property and technology practice by adding 55 lawyers from Kenyon & Kenyon. Once the transaction closes, the firm will market this practice as Andrews Kurth Kenyon.

08 July 2016

Great expectations and restricted budgets: how US law firms are adapting to cost pressures

Last week’s blog from the WTR 1000 research team focused on the rise of boutique firms in Germany. Across the Atlantic, an equally significant jurisdiction is experiencing challenges to the traditional law firm model, with price pressure forcing firms to adapt long-standing approaches to trademark work.

27 May 2016

Trademark suits down as research reveals most litigious companies (and the firms that represent them)

New data from Lex Machina has highlighted a fall in trademark litigation filings in the US, with case numbers in the first quarter of this year at a seven-year low. If this trend continues, it will ring alarm bells in law firms that rely on contentious work for their revenue streams.

13 April 2016

Full speaker line-up for Trademark Litigation: Practical Strategies is unveiled

With the addition of corporate counsel from New Balance and Zippo Manufacturing Company, the speaking faculty for Trademark Litigation: Practical Strategies – an immersive, high-level conference being held in New York next week – is now complete.

10 March 2016

Speaking faculty revealed for Trademark Litigation: Practical Strategies

Drawing on the expertise of professionals from organisations such as the Camuto Group, Facebook, the Henkel Corporation, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and Verizon, the stellar speaking faculty for Trademark Litigation: Practical Strategies will drill down into complex litigation strategies, offering practical advice on how to maximise success.

07 January 2016

Get the inside track on effective litigation strategies at our immersive new event

World Trademark Review is pleased to announce that it will be hosting Trademark Litigation: Practical Strategies – an immersive, high-level conference – in New York on April 21 2016. Designed as an interactive forum in which experienced litigators can share best practices and corporate counsel can quiz industry experts on strategic decision making, the event will drill down into the most critical aspects of lawsuit management.

08 September 2015

The summer holidays are over so here come the trademark solicitation campaigns

In what is becoming a depressing annual occurrence, with the summer holiday season now over trademark opportunists are getting back down to business. Over the past 10 days a number of trademark counsel have reported a spike in solicitation letters, with one offering to renew a mark in one class for $1,745.

03 September 2015

USPTO pilot programme welcomed despite limited practical impact

The USPTO has launched a pilot programme to allow amendments to identifications of goods and services in trademark registrations due to technological evolution. While characterised by one practitioner as a much needed development, the changes are not expected to have widespread impact for mark owners.

02 December 2014

Supreme Court prepares to flex its muscles in trademark cases

It is not often that trademark issues are discussed at the US Supreme Court, but this week’s case list has a distinct trademark flavour, with oral arguments in two such cases to be heard. Both could have significant impact for practitioners, not least with respect to the costs related to disputes.

09 July 2014

Trademark solicitation dispute continues as call made for more government engagement

The US District Court for the Southern District of New York has ruled that a law firm has standing to complain about trademark solicitations sent by the Patent & Trademark Agency LLC, which it alleges are misleading. While the case will now progress and be decided on its merits, one practitioner has called for more to be done to police trademark solicitation campaigns.

06 June 2014

Despite the furore, there are some positives to Canada’s trademark plans

The proposed changes to Canada’s Trademarks Act have proven controversial since they were announced back in March this year, and the final reading of Bill C-31 could reach the House Of Commons as early as next week. However, a number of practitioners are keen to outline the positives.

23 January 2014

Same statistics, different stories as top US law firm opposition filers revealed

Towergate Software has published data which reveals the US law firms most active in TTAB oppositions through 2013. The names are familiar but the resulting top ten lists based on the data build up a multi-layered picture of the oppositions landscape.

16 October 2013

What a USPTO shutdown would mean for trademark counsel

With the first US government shutdown in 17 years entering its third week, attempts to find a remedy before tomorrow’s deadline for raising the debt limit continue apace. At present, the USPTO has continued operations relatively unaffected but, should a solution not be found by the end of next week (or should a short-term solution lead to later shutdowns), the prospect of the office closing its doors will become a reality. So how big an impact would it have on trademark counsel?

23 July 2013

The statistics showing that social media is taking centre stage for trademark counsel at big brands

A recent study highlights how social media has rapidly increased in importance to the United States’ biggest brand owners in recent years. That can only mean one thing for trademark counsel...

15 April 2013

Trademark experience matters – but clients need to know

A new study demonstrates that trademark applicants who hire experienced counsel have a much greater chance of having their mark approved by the USPTO than less experienced filers who don't hire an attorney. While the findings will be welcomed by trademark counsel, the key will be ensuring that the people that matter know about it – potential clients.