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12 February 2018

Jones Day and Skadden named strongest US law firm brands; alternative models on the rise

Jones Day has been named the strongest law firm brand in the United States for the second year running. The new brand index also reveals the rising threat to traditional law firms from alternative legal service brands.

06 February 2018

US Senate confirms Iancu, Zimbabwe targets fakes and brands oppose Conor McGregor: news round-up

In our latest news round-up we look at how the Zimbabwe government is pledging to tackle counterfeit goods, the brands being accused of using “underhand tricks” to fool consumers, and much more.

30 January 2018

LegalForce calls on USPTO to tackle Chinese firms “practicing illegally” – allegations and threats revealed

Raj Abhyanker, founder and shareholder in LegalForce RAPC Worldwide and Trademarkia, has sent a grievance complaint to the USPTO centred on Chinese IP law firms “practicing illegally” in the United States.

09 January 2018

Trademark litigation slump continues; the law firms capitalising on dispute-related work revealed

The latest tracker data from Lex Machina confirms that the litigation slump continued in 2017, with the 3,782 cases filed representing a nine-year low.

04 January 2018

“There’s a new sheriff in town”: LegalForce founder reveals motivation behind lawsuits against competitors

LegalForce RAPC Worldwide, the firm behind Trademarkia, has initiated a number of lawsuits against competitor online trademark filings portals.

16 October 2017

Ambitious DC-based IP boutique launches; founder points to changing law firm landscape

World Trademark Review can exclusively reveal the formation of a new Washington DC-based IP law firm led by Brian J Winterfeldt. The firm, Winterfeldt IP Group, opens for business today and boasts almost 20 employees from outset.

03 October 2017

MLB’s top TTAB user, Thai IP Office gets an upgrade and Russia to introduce “Made in Prison” label: news round-up

In this news round-up, we look at how India may remove the controversial Goods and Services Tax exemption for unbranded food products and how the Chicago Cubs are tackling an increase in counterfeiting.

19 September 2017

Considering the value of a law firm’s brand

What is the value of a law firm’s brand? That question triggered a cancellation by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in Merchant & Gould PC v MG-IP Law, PC, which concerned the application for registration of the mark MG-IP for “legal services; attorney services”.

12 September 2017

Reports of fake law firm takedown heaps pressure on Amazon over IP rights complaint handling

Over the past few days media reports have focused on the case of an individual seller who saw his store shut down over an alleged IP-related violation lodged by a bogus law firm.

05 September 2017

Houston IP Law Association president calls on trademark community for support following Hurricane Harvey

The president of the HIPLA has spoken to World Trademark Review about the ongoing recovery efforts in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

04 September 2017

USPTO pledges additional support following Hurricane Harvey; questions raised over speed of response

The US Patent and Trademark Office has vowed to offer extra guidance and support for users affected by the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey, which has devastated areas of Texas and Louisiana over the past 10 days. The move follows criticism by some in the trademark community, with one practitioner suggesting the response was slow in comparison to the office's swift reaction following Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

13 July 2017

US trademark litigation slump continues as clients seek new and additional levels of service

Last November, we reported that the projected number of US trademark litigation suits for 2016 would represent the lowest in more than a decade. While the final number – 3,587 – was marginally higher than projected, the number of litigation filings was indeed at its lowest since 2001. As we enter the second half of 2017, it appears that the downward trend is continuing into 2017 and looks set to be a new record low.

11 July 2017

Plaintiff not amused by attorney fee award

The US District Court for the Central District of California has awarded attorneys’ fees to a defendant on the grounds that the plaintiff obtained its trademark registrations by making fraudulent statements. The decision demonstrates that once fraud has been found, the courts are likely to find a case exceptional.

09 May 2017

Fourth Circuit holds that policy requiring payment of USPTO attorneys’ fees stands

The US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit recently declined to review its decision affirming the district court’s award of attorneys’ fees to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), approving the new USPTO policy of requesting attorneys’ fees from applicants that appeal to the US district courts.

16 December 2016

Attorney fees awards in Lanham Act cases

The Ninth Circuit recently joined the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Circuits in applying the fee-shifting ruling of Octane Fitness LLC v ICON Health & Fitness Inc to a Lanham Act case. Now the district courts in this Circuit can exercise their discretion in awarding attorney fees based on a flexible “totality of the circumstances” analysis.