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03 October 2017

MLB’s top TTAB user, Thai IP Office gets an upgrade and Russia to introduce “Made in Prison” label: news round-up

In this news round-up, we look at how India may remove the controversial Goods and Services Tax exemption for unbranded food products and how the Chicago Cubs are tackling an increase in counterfeiting.

16 August 2017

Don’t panic, prepare: As Indian office steps up examinations, spike in refusals observed

As the Indian trademark office steps up its efforts to clear its long-standing backlog and process the rapidly rising numbers of applications, one practitioner has observed a resulting spike in clients receiving provisional refusals to international applications designating the country. However, rather than a cause for alarm, she argues that this trend is a natural consequence of the office upping its game.

01 May 2017

Building a dynamic landscape

With speedier resolution of lawsuits expected to clear backlogs in litigation and the government seeking to simplify registration procedures, the trademark environment in India is undergoing significant changes

10 April 2017

Indian trademark registry sees examination numbers increase 60% year-on-year

Trademark application and registration rates in India went through the roof last year, indicating success in terms of both streamlining the prosecution process and dealing with a hefty filings backlog. However, it remains to be seen whether the national registry’s human resources can keep up with this positive trend.

08 March 2017

India’s new trademark registry rules raise filing fees more than expected

Further to our report earlier this week, India’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion has ratified new trademark registry rules and published final fees – some of which are higher than most industry observers had anticipated.

06 March 2017

India doubles trademark fees, cuts red tape and strengthens status of well-known marks

India’s trademark registry will adopt new rules today aimed at simplifying prosecution procedures and improving recognition for ‘well-known’ marks. The changes are also expected to herald significant increases in trademark filing and renewal fees.

01 March 2017

India on the move

The Indian Trademark Registry has stepped up its digital efforts in the last year, while changes to the legislative regime demonstrate growing recognition for international brand owners

28 February 2017

Indian trademark office flags over 25,000 ‘incomplete’ applications; attorney reaction mixed

In an effort to process applications more efficiently, the Indian trademark office has identified and put on notice over 25,000 applications that either failed a compliance check or are deemed incomplete. Speaking to attorneys in the country, reaction has been mixed – commentators told us that, while there are some examples of “frivolous objections”, there has also been a tangible reduction in the time in which new applications are being accepted.

01 November 2016

India: Courts step up when it comes to famous marks

Recent case law from Indian courts confirms their pragmatic approach and bodes well for the protection of well-known marks in India, even when trademarks are not registered in the country

23 September 2016

Indian trademark held hostage by disgruntled ex-employee amid allegations of potential registry complicity

Police in Mumbai have arrested a builder who allegedly ‘stole’ a trademark belonging to a business he used to work for in the course of a dispute over severance compensation, it was reported this week. In the wake of the alleged incident, questions have been raised about potential fraud at the city’s trademark registry.

12 September 2016

Two new free-to-view IP guides now available

World Trademark Review is pleased to announce the publication of the latest editions of Pharmaceutical Trademarks: A Global Guide and India: Managing the IP Lifecycle.

20 April 2016

Report shines light on trademark strategy inside Indian companies

It has been almost three years since India acceded to the Madrid system, but recent research from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore suggests that there is still work to be done to raise awareness of international trademark filing procedures among businesses in the country’s key growth sectors.

06 April 2016

Delhi High Court orders trademark office to stay highly controversial abandonment orders

Earlier this week, World Trademark Review reported on the outcry that followed the Indian Trademark Registry’s decision to classify tens of thousands of trademark applications as abandoned. There has been a significant development overnight, as the Delhi High Court has stepped in and stayed all relevant abandonment orders.

05 April 2016

CTRL + ALT= abandoned

The Indian Trademarks Registry has devised a new way to reduce its backlog of trademark applications: abandoning outstanding applications. In an exercise carried out in the last week of March 2016, it is estimated that more than 100,000 applications were abandoned by the registry.