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03 May 2007

Gearing up to becoming an IP nation

The Japanese government’s ambition to achieve economic growth through the development of intellectual property puts a lot of pressure on the country’s IP office

20 March 2007

Dealing with the German boom

The German Patent and Trademark Office faces a number of challenges, including a surge in applications and the need to tackle backlogs. But senior staff are confident they are up to the job

20 March 2007

Europe’s trademark powerhouse bounces back

Germany is an important player in the global economy and the home of a significant number of high-profile brands, but in recent years the market for trademark legal services has slowed down. Now, however, it looks like things could be improving

19 March 2007

Why Mexico matters

Mexico has a developing market for legal services in relation to trademarks, which has doubled over the past 10 years. Filings from foreign mark owners have been the mainstay of business for many of the big players, but the likely ratification of the Madrid Protocol and other changes may see a change of emphasis

19 March 2007

Trademark managementPlaying with the oddities of the EU system

National trademarks within the European Union supposedly offer the same level of protection as the same sign registered as a Community trademark, albeit for a limited territory. But some oddities in the system mean that, in the case of Benelux, a national registration may offer more possibilities than a Community one

19 March 2007

Trademark law gets Brazilian treatment

The landscape of trademark practice in Brazil is changing rapidly, with the national IP office constantly adopting measures to try and improve trademark prosecution – often with mixed results – and various state and federal bodies moving up a few gears in the fight against counterfeiting

19 March 2007

Keeping up with the neighbours

Mexico is a big country so it is little surprise that it has a national IP office to match. With four regional offices and an unusually broad remit, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property is leading the way in protecting and promoting the country’s trademarks

19 March 2007

The truth about trademarks in China

Probably no country in the world has had its trademark regime more heavily scrutinized than China. Even so, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. In this roundtable, four experts give it a go

19 March 2007

The changing face of CTM litigation

An ECJ decision issued in July 2006 has brought an end to forum shopping in cross-border patent litigation in Europe. There could be major consequences for CTM owners too

18 March 2007

Working like clockwork

The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property handles an awful lot with a staff of only 220 individuals. Besides the traditional functions of examination and registration of IP rights, the institute also elaborates Swiss IP policy and promotes Swiss IP interests at international level

18 March 2007

Peak performance: the Swiss trademarks market

Famous the world over for its neutrality and efficiency, Switzerland has a thing or two to teach the international community about resolving trademark disputes. Its legal market for trademark services is also one that rights holders would be cuckoo to ignore

18 March 2007

Rising to new challenges

A mature market and effective laws do not guarantee that Japan will become the world's most advanced IP-based nation. However, new case law and recent changes to trademark legislation will prove very helpful in helping the country to meet the challenge its political leaders have set

18 March 2007

Bulgaria and Romania are on the right track

With the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union set to occur on January 1 2007, the big question is whether the two countries are ready to take their place in the CTM system. While there is still some work to do, the signs are that they are both well prepared to meet the challenges ahead

17 March 2007

Reflecting on the CTM

One of the founding fathers of the CTM system gives his views on how the system came to be and its first 10 years of existence

17 March 2007

Shaping trademark case law for Europe

In the 10 years since the launch of the CTM system, the EU courts and the Boards of Appeal have produced an impressive body of case law covering areas such as registration, use, validity and enforcement