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29 November 2018

European Union and United States announce record-breaking counterfeits crackdown; do domain seizures actually train infringers?

This week, both Europol and ICE reported record-breaking numbers in regard to takedowns of domain names selling counterfeit products. One expert tells us that infringers have found an easy solution to this temporary obstacle.

13 November 2018

Good news on costs but Brexit hearing suggests slow progress on issue of EUIPO representation

In an evidence session focused on UK plans for the treatment of intellectual property post-Brexit, the ‘no cost’ transfer of EU trademark rights to the national register was reconfirmed. However, big questions remain over EUIPO representation and the future GIs regime.

24 October 2018

The state of statistics – academic claims “more can be done” with trademark data

A new academic paper has found that researchers and policymakers should make more use of trademark portfolio data – even using such information instead of patent data in some instances. 

23 October 2018

GI face-off – debating current geographical indication protections

We bring together two organisations with different perspectives on geographical indications to discuss the best route forward for this unique form of protection.

02 October 2018

“The EUIPO should lead on enforcement” – trademark community reacts to Archambeau appointment

National IP offices within the European Union, key trademark associations and leading filing law firms in the EU react to the appointment of Christian Archambeau as the new executive director of the EUIPO.

25 September 2018

UK confirms post-Brexit trademark plans; ambiguities and uncertainties remain

UK government releases a swathe of technical notices that set out likely scenarios in the event of a ‘no-deal Brexit’. When it comes to trademark and design rights, significant questions remain.

12 September 2018

The future of trademarks

Global brand owners face increasing challenges in protecting, managing and enforcing their IP rights. These include challenges arising from new technologies, new business models and new markets.

07 September 2018

CJEU offers valuable guidance for respondents to tenders involving trademarks

The Court of Justice of the European Union has delivered a ruling on what stage of the procurement process bidders must demonstrate compliance with the technical specifications of a tender.

03 September 2018

<strong>“N</strong>egative for business and consumers<strong>” – GI association slams Brexit negotiations and possible no-deal scenario</strong>

oriGIn has released a strongly-worded statement calling for Brexit negotiators on both sides to preserve GIs as part of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

30 August 2018

New leadership, new challenges? Industry insights on EUIPO operations

With the EUIPO looking towards a future under new leadership, we asked practitioners for their take on the office’s current operations and activities, and the challenges that the new management will face.

23 July 2018

Is the Brexit fog lifting? UKIPO confirms plan for “free” conversion of EU trademarks to UK register

In newly-released comments, the UKIPO has confirmed that the UK will protect all existing EU trademarks and registered Community designs when the country leaves the EU. Crucially, the transfer of 1.5 million rights will be automatic and free-of-charge.

26 June 2018

Brexit concerns raised, parody Trump Hotel sparks IP debate, and Jaden Smith in trademark suit: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we take a look at how brands are embracing robot influencers, insights on how to combat malicious imposters, and much more.

07 June 2018

New EUIPO report charts increasing sophistication and diversification of counterfeiters

The EUIPO has released a new report, compiling research since 2013, to present a comprehensive and updated picture of the scope and impact of IP rights infringement in the European Union.

10 April 2018

Advocate general considers use of trademarks in calls for tenders

The EU advocate general has given his opinion in VAR v Iveco. Although the case concerned the interpretation of Directive 2004/17 on public procurement, the entire case rests on a trademark issue.

06 April 2018

Trademark offices prepare for the future as users give poor performance grades

The performance levels of the Chinese, Brazilian and Indian trademark offices have clear room for improvement but change could be afoot.