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02 November 2009

ICANN criticized for approach to rights protection

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has come under fire from brand owners over its handling of the trademark protection policy for the expanded generic top-level domain (gTLD) space developed by the Implementation Recommendation Team (IRT).

03 September 2009

Assessing the overhaul at OHIM

WTR’s exclusive survey of the CTM system explores the reaction from leading filing agents to the cut in fees and gauges OHIM’s performance over the past year

03 September 2009

Updating the Lanham Act for the internet age

The development of the Internet has exacerbated the conflicts and uncertainty in US trademark law – to the point where it now seems necessary to amend the Federal Trademark Act

03 September 2009

Inside track – MARQUES/Coty Prestige

Ahead of the annual MARQUES conference in Brighton, United Kingdom, from September 15 to 18, the chair of the Association of European Trademark Owners outlines the organization's strategy and shares his thoughts on key issues affecting the trademark industry in general, and the Coty Prestige group in particular

03 July 2009

New guidelines on well-known marks released by China’s top court

As part of its continuing efforts to protect well-known marks, the Adjudication Committee of China’s Supreme People’s Court has issued an “Opinion on Certain Issues Concerning the Protection of Well-Known Marks in Civil Disputes”.

06 May 2009

Chinese Supreme Court clarifies National IP Strategy

China’s Supreme People’s Court has issued a set of guidelines with which to interpret the country’s notoriously complex National IP Strategy.

06 May 2009

2008 Case Law ReviewAsia-PacificWAHAHA remains in Chinese hands

The dispute over the WAHAHA mark between French food giant Danone and a Chinese company was in the headlines throughout 2007, but eventually came to a head in 2008, when a Chinese court effectively put an end to the dispute

06 May 2009

Canada still at the crossroads

In the three years since WTR’s last Canada focus, a number of significant changes have been made to trademark law and practice. However, some argue that the rate of progress in key areas is far too slow

04 March 2009

News focus

WTO decision on US-China dispute over TRIPs raises global questions

04 March 2009

Enforcement Directive divides opinion

Five years since EU member states agreed to harmonize IP enforcement, WTR reassesses the project in a major survey of corporate counsel and private practitioners

04 March 2009

Marks, forfeiture and a constitutional conundrum

In Autumn 2008 a US district court ordered the forfeiture of marks owned by a gang known as the Mongols on the grounds that the gang engaged in illegal activities. While the forfeiture of property is provided for under various US statutes, this case raises more than its fair share of legal and constitutional issues

14 November 2008

Counterfeiting perspectivesEnemies at the gate – challenges for customs protection in China

Customs protection in China is improving year on year. Nonetheless, many challenges remain and IP rights owners must do more to assist the authorities in their endless fight against counterfeiters

04 September 2008

The Mysterious ACTA

There has been a lot of talk about the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement since news of its existence first broke towards the end of last year. An unusual level of secrecy surrounding the negotiations means that people are not sure exactly what the treaty is about

01 July 2008

The case for the Special 301 Reports

The US government has published Special 301 Reports every spring for nearly 20 years. While their publication invariably attracts both attention and outcry from the countries featured in them, the effectiveness of the reports has also been called into question

30 April 2008

Keeping Olympic-related rights on track

Since the announcement in 2001 that Beijing would host the 29th Olympic Games, the Chinese authorities have made significant improvements to the IP protection regime. With the games now just around the corner, the authorities and rights holders must start putting their final strategies in place