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17 March 2007

Pacific Brands leaves sub-licences in an ocean of uncertainty

Transferring licences and sub-licences and assigning the associated rights is all part and parcel of the trademark game. However, according to one wellrespected commentator, a decision by an Australian appeal court may have changed the rules

17 March 2007

Nestlé’s winning formula for brand management

‘Enormous’ hardly begins to describe the trademark portfolio of the world’s largest food and drink company – and the workload involved in managing it. But when it comes to finding the best solutions to protect these very valuable assets, Nestlé has found that what works best for it is looking for the answers in-house

17 March 2007

FIFA’s trademark tactics

The 2006 World Cup saw FIFA’s income from corporate sponsors and licensees rise to unprecedented levels. FIFA took various steps to keep the exclusive IP rights of its sponsors secure, but although these measures were largely successful, many felt that FIFA’s tactics bordered on the draconian

16 March 2007

The changing face of Aussie rules

The economic downturns that affected Europe and the United States in the last decade have largely passed Australia by. This has been good news for the country’s trademark practitioners

16 March 2007

The end of the affair

The latest court decision in the dispute over the APPLE mark and logo has thrown light on coexistence agreements and the possibility of litigation between parties, even when the parties had hoped to avoid such disputes by entering into an agreement in the first place

16 March 2007

Trademark managementTranslating trademarks: speaking the local language

As more Asian economies open up and brand owners start looking to Asia not only for production but also for markets for their products, it is increasingly important for brand owners to understand the interface that their brand will have with the local language and culture

16 March 2007

The view onlinePhloundering phor remedies

False identification through the online use of well-known trademarks is a persistent, if not growing, problem. Difficulties relating to detection, jurisdiction and speed of occurrence mean that, in some respects, the law is ill equipped to deal with the problem

16 March 2007

ICI: leading the pack in trademark and brand management

With 80 years’ experience in protecting its intellectual property, ICI is no slouch when it comes to looking after its brands. Trademark counsel Paul Johnston unfolds a tale of fast-paced product lines, emotive markets and a very special dog…

16 March 2007

Brands from the frontlineProtecting the unprotectable

When it comes to choosing a product name, marketeers want something sufficiently descriptive of the product for consumers to make the connection, while trademark practitioners want something they can protect. Can these expectations ever meet?

15 March 2007

Nortel builds a trademark strategy for the 21st century

A marketing background and a new focus on the company’s master brand mean that Nortel’s head of trademarks, Alex Brkich, is able to run a tight ship that does not stint on the quality of service it provides.

15 March 2007

Canada’s largest trademark practices

On the basis that trademark filings indicate – to some extent – how much trademark work firms handle, we take a look at the top 20 Canadian filers of trademark applications and at their trademark practices.

15 March 2007

Trademark managementTrademark audits – what you need to know

Trademarks are not static so it is important that companies review their portfolios on a regular basis. Too often though, this does not happen. Thus, it is imperative that a company’s trademark assets are reviewed regularly.

15 March 2007

Making sense of China

Problems, recurrent and new, hindering the enforcement of rights continue to obscure the horizon for mark owners operating in or wishing to enter the Chinese market. However, positive developments are brightening the landscape and should also be acknowledged.

15 March 2007

The battle for Budweiser

It’s a story that involves royal dynasties, new world settlers, the collapse of Eastern European communism and a place that some say doesn’t exist. But at its heart, the interminable dispute between brewers Anheuser-Busch and Budejovicky Budvar over the name Budweiser is all about trademarks.

15 March 2007

The state of the Union

It has been a busy period for US trademark owners. In this roundtable discussion, four US practitioners talk through some of the major issues to have emerged over the last few years.