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06 January 2010

The road to Asia

With many US motor industry brands being acquired by Asian companies, challenges remain for both the new owners and the US industry left behind.

06 January 2010

Breaking down the barriers

The marketing-trademark relationship is critical to branding success, yet there is a longstanding perception that the two departments are doomed.

07 December 2009

Foreign term of art in licence must be construed in foreign technical sense

In Sunstar Inc v Alberto-Culver Co, the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has declared that a foreign legal term used in a licence agreement should be construed in accordance with the meaning ascribed to it under foreign law. The case generally involved the question of what rights were conveyed to a Japanese licensee to use minor variations of a licensed trademark.

13 November 2009

Trademarks at the centre of latest US-Cuba spat

A US court is set to hear a case in which the plaintiffs are attempting to seize control of trademarks owned by the Cuban government, WTR has learnt. The news comes as commentators predict better relations between Cuba and the United States under President Obama.

02 November 2009

Further budget cuts expected for 2010

Turmoil in the world economy continues to affect the trademark industry, with organizations slashing costs in a bid to weather the storm.

02 November 2009

The future of selective distribution

Selective distribution can be vital to preserve brand image. Competition policy is changing in Europe and rights holders must be aware of the implications

02 November 2009

Trademark managementGenericide or clever marketing?

The pace of change on the Internet means that a mark could potentially become generic within a matter of months. But is the use of a mark as a verb, so often the first step to ‘genericide’ in the past, now really such a bad thing? Is it time to allow marks “to verb up”?

02 November 2009


Norwegian law offers several means of enforcement against unfair and comparative advertising. This article analyzes the options available and provides an overview of recent amendments to the Marketing Control Act.

02 November 2009

Philips – managing a master brand

Philips restructured its trademark management system just before the recession began to bite. This now looks like a smart move, as it further streamlined the company's protection and value extraction processes at a critical time

02 November 2009

The dangers posed by Bose

By overturning the Medinol doctrine on fraud, the Federal Circuit has removed the threat of cancellation hanging over many trademarks, but the decision re-opens the door to falsely obtained registrations in clear breach of the Trademark Law Revision Act

08 October 2009

New regulation on applications for assignment comes into force

The "Regulation on Issues in Relation to Applications for Trademark Assignments", which was issued by the China Trademark Office following an increase in the number of fraudulent trademark assignments, has come into force. The regulation specifies that in case of doubt, the office must require a notarized copy of a document identifying the assignor and the assignee.

02 October 2009

Danone sells joint venture to end WAHAHA war

Danone has announced that it is selling its 51% stake in a joint venture with Hangzhou Wahaha Group, putting an end to a high-profile trademark battle in several jurisdictions. Under the terms of the deal Danone has agreed to give up any future claim to the WAHAHA mark.

15 September 2009


The trademark registration system in Malaysia is governed by the Trademarks Act 1976 and the Trademarks Regulations 1997. Malaysia acceded to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Intellectual Property on January 1 1989.

15 September 2009


Provisions relating to the protection of trademark rights are contained in, among other things, the Civil Code of Ukraine, effective as of January 1 2004, last amended on May 21 2009, and the Commercial Code of Ukraine, effective as of January 1 2004, last amended on April 30 2009.

15 September 2009

MARQUES at a glance

MARQUES is the European organization representing brand owners’ interests worldwide. Since its foundation in 1987 it has provided an effective platform for voicing brand owners’ concerns, created a forum for the exchange of ideas and information, and promoted the professional development of its members in the management of their IP rights.