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11 October 2019

Online betting heats up in the US with string of M&A activity

Flutter Entertainment’s acquisition of The Stars Group would show that, despite uncertainty, major players in the gambling industry see the newly liberated US as a high-growth market.

02 October 2019

“A frankly pointless step” – why Banksy pop-up shop could hinder trademark case

Anonymous street artist Banksy has opened a pop-up shop in London in response to an ongoing trademark dispute with a card manufacturer. The attorney representing the card company reacts to the opening.

01 October 2019

Procedures and strategies for pharmaceutical brands: United Kingdom

Given the highly profitable trade in pharmaceutical parallel imports where price differences and arbitrage opportunities arise from different national pricing regulations, it is anticipated that the issue of parallel imports will remain a significant area of concern for pharmaceutical companies.

01 October 2019

“Governments should regulate, not obliterate, brands” – plain packaging could cause $430 billion loss for beverage industry

Research estimates that the extension of plain packaging to alcohol and sugary drinks would result in a massive loss for the global beverage industry.

01 October 2019

A tale of two flags: who owns the right to use?

The Australian government is considering whether to compulsorily acquire the rights to use the Aboriginal flag on public policy grounds. The debate raises questions over whether similar moves could occur in other jurisdictions.

27 September 2019

Despite concerns over the level of risk, litigation threat planning often omitted from IP strategies

New research has revealed that, while almost two-thirds of legal services buyers are concerned about being a defendant in IP litigation, a quarter of companies that have a specific IP strategy in place state that it does not deal with litigation threats.

24 September 2019

Managing Trademark Assets returns to London with more interactivity and deep dive discussions 

WTR is pleased to announce that, following the success of this year’s event, Managing Trademark Assets Europe will be returning to London on 28 January 2020.

24 September 2019

CLWB TROPICANA mark whammed by appointed person

The appointed person has dismissed an appeal against a successful opposition to an application for the CLWB TROPICANA logo mark for a range of Class 32 goods.

06 September 2019

KFC dragged into UK politics, identifying a trademark bully, and EUIPO on long applications: news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the CEO of WeWork returning a “trademark payment” to the company, Ariana Grande suing Forever 21, debate over dropping word marks, and much more.

06 September 2019

“Rational and forward-thinking” – CJEU rules cases of online trademark infringement can be held in consumer’s jurisdiction

Reaction to the Court of Justice of the European Union ruling in favour of plaintiffs suing online infringers in the member state they acquired the product. 

05 September 2019

Kicking out counterfeits from the Premier League: takeaways from Football Against Fakes 2019 – exclusive guest post

This week's Football Against Fakes 2019 event discussed anti-counterfeiting work in the sports industry. In an exclusive guest post, brand protection consultant Stephen Connolly reveals insights from the event and takeaways for brand owners.

05 September 2019

UKIPO paints differing pictures on Brexit preparedness as IP minister quits

The UK Intellectual Property Office has shed new light on its Brexit preparations, which has led to a renewed call for the position of UK trademark attorneys in the event of a no-deal Brexit to be addressed “as a matter of urgency”.

04 September 2019

Assessing the balance of convenience in interim injunctions to prevent passing off

In an application for an interim injunction to prevent passing off, the High Court has determined that the relative merits of the parties’ cases and the effect of an undertaking provided by the defendant should be considered in assessing the balance of convenience.

03 September 2019

BEAUTY BAY trademark not infringed by BEAUTY & THE BAY

Beauty Bay Ltd v Benefit Cosmetics Ltd concerned the use of the mark BEAUTY & THE BAY, which the claimants alleged constituted trademark infringement and passing off in respect of their trademark BEAUTY BAY. In finding for the defendant, the judge considered that there was no likelihood of confusion between the marks and that the similarities between them were not sufficient to establish a link for a claim based on unfair advantage.

30 August 2019

Crimson wave –<strong> </strong>how Harvard outstrips other universities in terms of registered trademarks

Ivy League schools rely on their reputation to attract top-notch talent, so policing these brands is a critical undertaking.