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05 May 2017

Balancing online brand protection and budgetary pressures: an infographic

The 2017 Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey has revealed mixed fortunes for corporate trademark departments. While one-third reported budget increases over the past year, one-quarter have faced the harsh reality of reduced funding.

01 May 2017

Going all in

As law firms adapt to more sophisticated client demands and restructure their pricing options, many corporate trademark departments are being radically reorganised in a bid to control costs and bring more work home – but will the gamble pay off?

29 April 2016

The trademark resources rollercoaster

While corporate trademark counsel continue to struggle with budget cuts and freezes, their counterparts in private practice are reporting increased workloads, revenues and positivity. Although this may at first seem counterintuitive, it stems from the symbiotic relationship between the two

05 January 2015

Made to measure?

A key question that this year’s non-legal trademark services survey sought to answer is whether, in addition to value for money, users are receiving the tailored services they require

23 April 2014

When the sums don’t add up

While some trademark teams have finally seen budgets improve over the last year, for many the situation remains straitened. The challenge for them is clear: ensuring that reduced spend and new enforcement approaches do not lead to significantly increased risk

20 December 2013

Locating your virtual partners

WTR asks trademark counsel for feedback on the services they receive from online brand protection specialists and quizzes vendors on whether more can be done to help brand owners meet today’s online challenges

31 October 2013

Watching the watchers

WTR asks users to have their say on how the nonlegal trademark services industry is meeting their needs, and asks vendors to respond to user concerns and requests

02 September 2013

OHIM users have their say on a year of change in European trademarks

As part of our annual OHIM focus, WTR polled the office’s top filers to gauge their perception of its performance and address some of the most pressing issues in the European trademark industry – and asked OHIM to provide an update on its activities

18 April 2013

Working overtime – trademark counsel’s efforts to push brands up the boardroom agenda

Now in its fifth year, the WTR Global Benchmarking Survey takes the pulse of the industry. While it is true that the hard times are far from over, some positives have come out of adversity – not least a greater corporate appreciation of trademark value. But there’s still plenty of work to be done

30 October 2012

Square pegs in round holes or the perfect fit?

WTR’s second annual non-legal trademark services survey assesses industry needs and asks whether – against a backdrop of squeezed budgets, growing workloads and an increasingly complex trademark environment – service providers are meeting the needs of their clients

03 September 2012

OHIM – the users' perspective

For the past six years, the October/November issue of WTR has taken an in-depth look at the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM), seeking the views of the top representative filers and then asking OHIM to respond to user queries. This year, the research has been expanded to include the views of brand-owning filers on what has been another busy year in Alicante

19 April 2012

Recovery time – the impact of economic conditions on trademark practice

Since its launch in 2009, the Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey has revealed the brutal effects of the global economic downturn for trademark teams and counsel. This year, there are tentative signs of a rebound. But is all as it seems?

01 November 2011

At your service

Budgets are shrinking, workloads are rising and infringement is omnipresent. Against this background, accessing strategic non-legal trademark services has become increasingly crucial. But how is the industry meeting user demand and what does the future hold? In an exclusive survey, WTR polled trademark professionals for their thoughts on how the sector is matching up to their expectations, and put the responses to service providers

04 May 2011

Rewriting the contract between in-house and external counsel

This year’s Global Benchmarking Survey reveals the changing fee structures of trademark legal services and where brand owners are expecting more of their external counsel. For exclusive statistics and enlightening opinions, read on

04 May 2010

A foot in the door Getting trademarks on the corporate agenda

As the world’s only magazine dedicated to trademark law and practice, WTR is uniquely positioned to take the pulse of the industry. Our second annual Global Trademark Survey illuminates exactly where trademarks stand in the corporate structure