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09 November 2009

Leaks drive fears over ACTA

Leaked documents containing sections of the secretive draft Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement suggest that the treaty may focus more on copyright than trademarks and the fight against counterfeiting. The papers were made available online as negotiators entered fresh talks last week.

09 November 2009

Nokia behind "revolutionary" global anti-counterfeiting platform

Nokia has entered into a joint venture with business software giant SAP and encryption firm Giesecke & Devrient to build a global product information platform that it claims could “revolutionize anti-counterfeiting practices”.

04 November 2009

Gandhi dispute with Montblanc "almost settled"

Montblanc is close to reaching a settlement with a non-governmental organization in India over the use of Mahatma Gandhi's name and image on a limited edition pen, WTR has learnt.

03 November 2009

ACTA enters new round of negotiations

International delegates are set to reopen negotiations over the controversial Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement today, with a new round of talks commencing in Seoul.

30 October 2009

New web threat to trademarks as ICANN green-lights international domains

ICANN has today approved a new domain name programme that could further threaten trademark rights.

29 October 2009

Philips sheds light on techniques for cutting costs without losing value

In an exclusive interview, Philips’s vice president of Intellectual Property and Standards, has revealed how the restructuring of the company's IP management system has put Philips in a strong position to withstand the global recession.

27 October 2009

US secretary of commerce tells China to toughen up on IP protection

The US secretary of commerce has called on China to adopt stronger laws on trademark protection and hand out harsher penalties for IP infringement.

22 October 2009

EU injects €4.5 million into ASEAN anti-counterfeiting action

The European Commission has donated €4.5 million to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to help protect IP rights in the region. The finance is part of a four-year, €5.1 million cooperation programme, to be implemented by the European Patent Office.

21 October 2009

Yet another BUDWEISER dispute heads to ECJ

The Court of Appeal of England and Wales has referred yet another dispute over the BUDWEISER mark to the ECJ. The court is calling for clarification on how far EU trademark law permits concurrent use of the same mark by two different parties.

13 October 2009

Chirac calls for international counterfeit pharmaceuticals treaty

Former French President Jacques Chirac has called for an international treaty to criminalize the production and distribution of counterfeit medicines.

13 October 2009

UDRP hailed as "successful experiment" during 10th anniversary celebration

WIPO yesterday celebrated the 10th anniversary of the UDRP, described by the organization's director general as a "successful experiment".

12 October 2009

ICANN board letter may spark fresh gTLD controversy

The debate over trademark protection measures for gTLDs is set for a new twist when a controversial letter from the board of ICANN is finally made public.

09 October 2009

Research reveals increased US confidence in China’s rights enforcement regime

US companies are less concerned about IP rights enforcement when conducting business in China, compared to the last four years, but worries still remain over copyright and the pace of legislative change.

09 October 2009

ICANN chief responds to trademark concerns over new gTLDs

ICANN did not "mislead" trademark owners, the body's chief operating officer has told WTR. Doug Brent was responding to criticism from trademark owners earlier this week against the body's handling of proposed trademark protection measures.

07 October 2009

Austria is 'substantial part of Community' under EU dilution test, says ECJ

In its ruling in the PAGO Case, the ECJ has concluded that Austria can be regarded as a 'substantial part' of the European Community for the purposes of establishing whether a mark has a "reputation in the Community" in the sense of Article 9(1)(c) of the Community Trademark Regulation.