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23 March 2009

Threat to global brands as China snubs Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola's attempt to acquire a Chinese juice brand has been rejected by China's Ministry of Commerce. The move has raised concerns that international brand giants may find it difficult to expand into the Chinese market through M&A.

20 March 2009

Hilton hotels sued for trademark infringement

The Hilton hotel group has been sued for trademark infringement by a rival hotel chain in the United States.

19 March 2009

Trademarks threatened by keywords decisions in European Union

The ECJ this week heard the arguments of Google and LVMH in a long-running battle over keywords, while the German Federal Supreme Court finally published its decision on a similar matter.

18 March 2009

Vietnam partners with Japan to launch e-filing system

Vietnam's national trademark registry has launched an online filing system in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

17 March 2009

Singapore Treaty heralds new era for trademarks

The Singapore Treaty on the law of trademarks came into force yesterday, restating the global nature of trademark protection in the 21st century.

16 March 2009

Cybersquatting on the rise as ICANN prepares to launch gTLDs

As ICANN prepares to introduce a new wave of generic top-level domains, the number of cybersquatting complaints filed by mark owners last year rose by 8%.

13 March 2009

Daimler sues Chinese trademark office

Daimler is suing China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce after its trademark office rejected the Mercedes-Benz manufacturer's application to register the mark BEIJING BENZ.

12 March 2009

Controversial keywords bill passed in the United States

A controversial bill which would allow mark owners to sue third parties that purchase search engine keywords has passed through the House of Representatives in the US state of Utah.

11 March 2009

WIPO's income to fall despite record filings

WIPO has announced that its income is likely to fall this year, despite a record number of applications filed during 2008. This is the first time WIPO will have suffered a drop in earnings since its creation.

10 March 2009

National offices across European Union set to reduce fees

Observers are expecting national offices across the European Union to follow the UK Intellectual Property Office in considering a reduction in application fees.

09 March 2009

IP lawyers call for removal of the Philippines from Special 301 list

A group of high-ranking IP lawyers in the Philippines has called for the removal of their country from the United States Trade Representative's Special 301 list.

06 March 2009

US jury decision highlights inconsistent approach to keywords

A US jury has found that bidding on a registered third-party mark for use in keyword advertising does not constitute an infringement, a decision which conflicts with an earlier opinion from the same state.

05 March 2009

CTM fee reduction transitional period may offer additional savings

The European Commission proposal for reducing CTM fees has been accepted by EU member states. Owing to the change in fee structures, mark owners whose applications are in the process of examination when the new fees are introduced may stand to make a significant saving.

04 March 2009

Card game companies trade blows over hologram mark

The Upper Deck Company has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against its rival Konami after the latter continued selling trading cards bearing the former’s holographic mark upon the termination of a distribution agreement.

03 March 2009

German practitioners struggle with “Nazi” trademark

Practitioners in Germany are grappling with the decision of the German Patent and Trademark Office to register the mark HARDCORE after it received “numerous queries” over the potential neo-Nazi use of the mark.