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07 October 2009

Philip Morris sues government over ban on display of cigarette branding

Philip Morris International has initiated legal action against the Irish government over its ban on the display of tobacco brands and products in shops, amid warnings that such restrictions, which are also being mooted in the United Kingdom, will encourage counterfeit trade.

07 October 2009

Austria is 'substantial part of Community' under EU dilution test, says ECJ

In its ruling in the PAGO Case, the ECJ has concluded that Austria can be regarded as a 'substantial part' of the European Community for the purposes of establishing whether a mark has a "reputation in the Community" in the sense of Article 9(1)(c) of the Community Trademark Regulation.

06 October 2009

Trademark owners undermined by latest gTLD step

Brand owners have severely criticized the handling by ICANN of the measures proposed to offer trademark protection in the forthcoming domain space expansion.

06 October 2009

Brazil in race to curb ambush marketing at Rio Olympics

With Rio de Janeiro set to host the 2016 Olympic Games, new curbs on ambush marketing have been submitted to the House of Representatives.

05 October 2009

Trademarks 'unaffected' by fraudulent activity, claims South African IP office

The South African Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office has told WTR that recent fraudulent activity relates to company name reservations and the identity of company directors, and has not affected trademark applications and registrations.

05 October 2009

ICANN gTLD programme adopts key trademark protection measures

ICANN yesterday adopted measures proposed by a team of trademark experts to protect trademark rights as the body begins accepting applications for unlimited generic top-level domains gTLDs.

02 October 2009

Brand owners urged to sponsor enforcement coordination

The chief executive of the body established to encourage businesses to enter African markets has urged brand owners to help fund a training and coordination project aimed at harmonizing enforcement regimes in east Africa.

02 October 2009

Danone sells joint venture to end WAHAHA war

Danone has announced that it is selling its 51% stake in a joint venture with Hangzhou Wahaha Group, putting an end to a high-profile trademark battle in several jurisdictions. Under the terms of the deal Danone has agreed to give up any future claim to the WAHAHA mark.

01 October 2009

UK takes lead in national office innovation race

The UK Intellectual Property Office today launches a raft of new measures in a bid to secure its place as a leader in the national registration market.

01 October 2009

Pop star's estate sues Heal the World Foundation for trademark infringement

Michael Jackson's estate has filed a lawsuit against California-based corporations Heal the World Foundation and United Fleet, alleging cybersquatting as well as trademark and publicity right infringement.

29 September 2009

IP Enforcement Directive still not implemented across European Union

Greece has still not implemented the directive that aimed to harmonize the enforcement of IP rights across the European Union over three years since the implementation deadline passed.

28 September 2009

US government finally nominates candidate for IP czar

The White House's nomination of Victoria Espinel for the role of IP enforcement coordinator is an encouraging sign for brand owners eager to debate IP issues in the public domain. Espinel will take up a position within the US Office of Management and Budget.

25 September 2009

"Largest ever" eBay counterfeiting case goes to court

A leading golf brand manufacturer has hailed a criminal action brought in the United Kingdom against a global network of traders alleged to have sold millions of pounds-worth of counterfeit golf equipment on eBay as "historic".

24 September 2009

CTM filings "regaining ground", says OHIM

OHIM has announced new figures showing that CTM applications are "regaining ground". The statistics show that although CTM filings fell by 11% in the first quarter of 2009, they have dropped in total only by 4% in the year to August.

23 September 2009

Hallmark demands rehearing in Paris Hilton publicity rights dispute

Hallmark Inc has petitioned the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit for an en banc rehearing in a case that sets the greeting card company's First Amendment rights against Paris Hilton's right to her own image.